Programming language: Rust
License: Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Tags: Cargo     Watch     Notify     Compile    
Latest version: v7.5.0

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Cargo Watch

Cargo Watch is a tool to watch your Cargo-based project and run commands when files change. It focuses on the Rust development experience and aims to be flexible enough to suit most without becoming complicated to use.

If you've used nodemon, guard, or entr, it will probably feel familiar.

Looking for a similar tool that you can use for other kinds of projects? Try Watchexec, this project's bigger sibling.


Install or upgrade today with Binstall:

$ cargo binstall cargo-watch

Or with cargo (rustc >= 1.60.0) if you don't have Binstall yet:

$ cargo install cargo-watch

Or unpack directly from the latest pre-built release.

This repository contains a [manual page](./cargo-watch.1) and [shell completions](./completions) that you may want to install; the pre-built packages also include these.


By default, it runs check. You can easily override this, though:

$ cargo watch [-x command]...

A few examples:

# Run tests only
$ cargo watch -x test

# Run check then tests
$ cargo watch -x check -x test

# Run run with arguments
$ cargo watch -x 'run -- --some-arg'

# Run an arbitrary command
$ cargo watch -- echo Hello world

# Run with features passed to cargo
$ cargo watch --features "foo,bar"

There's a lot more you can do! Check out:

  • [Usage guide](./USAGE.md)
  • [Manual page](./cargo-watch.1.ronn)
  • [Troubleshooting](./TROUBLESHOOT.md)


Cargo Watch pairs well with:

  • just: a modern alternative to make
  • systemfd: socket-passing in development