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  • v20.2.0 Changes

    February 14, 2020

    Hi, folks.

    On the special day, we have a special Valentine's day. At present, we still have to face the challenge of virus, but we accept the challenge and will complete it.

    Today, with your support and our efforts, CITA released version 20.2.0. In this version, we adopt a new version naming rule, that is, the version command method of YY.MM. X , where YY represents year, MM represents month, and X represents bug fix version number.

    Finally, may the world be peaceful, the country peaceful and the people safe, and everyone happy and healthy!

    Why the new version rule?
    In order to meet more customized needs of customers, we started the commercial version plan of CITA. The commercial version of CITA will continue to use the original version naming rules, so the community version of CITA will use the version naming rules of Year.Month. X , which is similar to the version rules of Ubuntu.

    也是今天,在大家的支持与努力下,CITA 发布 20.2.0 版本。在这个版本中,我们采用了新的版本命名规则,即采用 YY.MM.X 的版本命令方法, YY 表示年, MM 表示月, X 表示修订号。

    最后,愿 天下太平,国泰民安 ,所有人幸福安康!

    为了满足客户更多的定制化需求,我们开始了 CITA 的商业版本计划,CITA 的商业版本将继续沿用原来的版本命名规则,所以 CITA 的社区版本将启用 年.月.X 的版本命名规则,这有点类似 Ubuntu 的版本规则。

    🔄 Changelog

    🆕 New features

    • 👌 Supports Native-Contract and Solidity-Contract calling each other.
    • 👌 Supports CITA docker images release.


    🚀 Hard code release version. [@leeyr338]

    👌 Supports CITA docker images release. [@leeyr338]


    👍 [Feature] Supports Native-Contract and Solidity-Contract calling each other. [@leeyr338]

    ⏪ [Fix] Bug fix for handling quota used error when Revert. [@leeyr338]

    [Fix] Add black list judge. [@jerry-yu]

    [Fix] Fix bug address in black list can't dismiss. [@jerry-yu]

    [Fix] Fix gas calculation error. [@leeyr338]


    • [Fix] Fix bound bug about filter. [@rink1969]


    • [Fix] Fix for dup tx hash in block. [@jerry-yu]


    • ⚡️ [Optimization] Update common: update cita-common, remove unused bin, update cita-run docker image. [@rink1969 ]


    [Refine] Refine the script according shell check. [@jerry-yu]

    [Fix] Fix some sub commands error. [@leeyr338]

    🐳 [Fix] Docker reap zombie processes. [@rink1969]

    🛠 [Fix] Don't use fixed container name. [@rink1969]

    [Fix] Set cita_build container as bridge model. [@rink1969]

    [Fix] Fix volume path when cita_run. [@rink1969]



    • [Fix] Create-genesis : Solc command stderr output. [@bsdelf ]


    • ✏️ [Docs] Fix some operation typos. [@ouwenkg]

    Artifact checksum

    File Checksum (sha256sum)
    cita_secp256k1_sha3.tar.gz 0ca9a0574c463f22f5c52205ff8613f840f0fc3087d63ad1c3e35161f7c9099f
    cita_sm2_sm3.tar.gz cb5247a3348615e70226486c659ce63d614510d2a009625caae93ba4f1d71850
    cita_ed25519_blake2b.tar.gz 780320638606c4e9a298d43d55c8991e2cb1ad1201fcd01aa42b6ed507387c3e
  • v1.0.1 Changes

    October 25, 2019
    • 🚀 [Optimization] Support docker image release.
    • [Fix] Fix Executor's panic when vm memery offset greater then size.
    • [Fix] Fix duplicate transaction hash in block.
    File Checksum (MD5)
    cita_secp256k1_sha3.tar.gz aba3a9b3ae322572d391e4e32a91942e
    cita_sm2_sm3.tar.gz c2e4ae47fe6ac7a864c9b97847140ad2
    cita_ed25519_blake2b.tar.gz 168402bb9c4b064025584727b4ddf507
  • v1.0.0 Changes

    September 09, 2019

    Hi, folks.

    Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, CITA 1.0.0 here for you! -yolk mooncake

    🚀 In Jul 25, 2017, rink submitted the first commit to CITA. In Oct 26, 2017, CITA 0.1 released. Over the next more than 700 days and nights, CITA has accepted commits 3500+ and released 27 times. Thanks all the friends who use CITA as platform to do secondary development, who use CITA to deploy DApp, who use CITA do storage works, even who use CITA to explore the world of blockchain. It's your continuous attempt and feedback that makes CITA become better and better.

    After this version, CITA license will change to Apache License 2.0 officially. To achieve this, we redesign EVM and DB crates.

    赶在中秋团圆佳节来临之前, 我们将正式发布 CITA 1.0.0!-蛋黄月饼

    🚀 CITA 的第一个 commit 提交在 2017 年 7 月 25 日, 第一次发版本是在 2017 年 10 月 26 日。700 个日夜里,CITA 共接收提交代码 3500+ commits,release 发布 27 次。感谢所有使用 CITA 的朋友们,或许你在基于 CITA 做二次开发,或者 CITA 做存证,或者你就是想使用 CITA 来探索区块链的世界。谢谢你们。正因为你们不间断地使用和及时地反馈, CITA 才会越变越好。

    在这个版本后, CITA 协议将更换为 Apache License 2.0, 为此,我们重新设计了 EVM 与 DB 库。


    🔄 Changelog

    NOTE : The snapshot feature is not available in this version, sorry for any inconvenience it may caused.



    [VM] Using new cita-vm. [@jerry-yu] [@leeyr338]

    [DB] Using new cita-database. [@kaikai1024]


    [Fix] Fix black list error. [@jerry-yu]

    ✅ [Fix] Passed all compatible state tests. [@jerry-yu]

    🔀 [Fix] Fix sync blocks error. [@jerry-yu]

    [Fix] Fix rustc unexpected unwrap. [@ouwenkg]

    [Fix] Fix transfer failed in charge. [@ouwenkg]

    🔨 [Refactor] refactor errors in executor and chain. [@ouwenkg]

    🏗 [Fix] Using buildin contracts in cita-vm and remove old parts in cita-executor. [@ouwenkg]

    [Fix] Using to replace [@ouwenkg]

    🚚 [Fix] Remove useless vm feature. [@kaikai1024]

    [Fix] Rewrite logic about vm in cita-executor. [@leeyr338]

    [Fix] Rewrite logic about native contracts in cita_executor. [@ouwenkg]

    🚚 [Fix] Remove grpc contracts. [@ouwenkg]

    [Fix] Fix out of array error. [@jerry-yu]


    [Fix] Fix get state proof empty. [@ouwenkg]

    🌲 [Rewrite] Rewrite entire log filter. [@kaikai1024]

    🚚 [Optimization] Remove useless HeapSizeOf trait. [@ouwenkg]

    [Rewrite] Rewrite blooms. [@kaikai1024]

    [Rewrite] Rewrite to replace, ids. [@ouwenkg]

    [Fix] Fix process exit in chain in certain situation. [@leeyr338]


    🚚 [Optimization] Remove unused NTP Service. [@jerry-yu]

    ⚡️ [Optimization] Update cita-logger. [@kaikai1024]


    • 🔨 [Refactor] Increase quota charged in data store. [@luqz]



    ⚡️ [Optimization] Update docker image. [@kaikai1024]

    ⚡️ [Optimization] Update ethereum types version. [@leeyr338]

    ⚡️ [Optimization] Update sodiumoxide. [@leeyr338]

    [Optimization] Clear useless files in util. [@kaikai1024]

    🚚 [Optimization] Move util errors to cita. [@kaikai1024]

    🚚 [Optimization] Remove unused rlp crate. [@leeyr]

    🚚 [Fix] Remove grpc parts in libproto. [@ouwenkg]

    [Rewrite] Rewrite semantic version. [@kaikai1024]

    [Protocol] Switch license from GPL to Apache 2.0. [@leeyr338]


    [Fix] Add internal error type. [@ouwenkg]

    [Fix] Ensure that vm compatibles with old vm. [@jerry-yu]

    [Fix] Add get storage changes interface for genesis. [@ouwenkg]


    [Fix] Fix amend system script. [@kaikai1024]

    ⚠ [Fix] Eliminate yaml warnings in txtool. [@ouwenkg]

    ✅ Test

    [CI] Add automatically license checker fossa. [@kaikai1024]

    ⚡️ [contract] Update test contracts. [@kaikai1024]

    ⬆️ [CI] Upgrade ubuntu version in docker image. [@leeyr338]

    🔒 [Fix] Fix security dependencies in contracts tests. [@kaikai1024]

    🚀 [CI] Fix ci tests before release. [@ouwenkg]


    📄 [Docs] Add block chain governmenta docs. [@nanmuxiusi]

    📄 [Docs] More descriptions about filter. [@kaikai1024]

    📄 [Docs] Fix chores in docs. [@nanmuxiusi]

    📚 [Docs] Remove Huawei Cloud Deploy documentation. [@nanmuxiusi]

    📄 [Docs] Fix link in getting-started page. [@nanmuxiusi]

    🚚 [Docs] Fix typo and remove duplicate files. [@nanmuxiusi]

    📄 [Docs] More descriptions about cumulative quota used. [@kaikai1024]

  • v0.25.2 Changes

    October 24, 2019
    • [Fix] Fix panic when transaction's data not enough
    • [Fix] Fix duplicate transaction hash in block
  • v0.25.1 Changes

    August 01, 2019

    🛠 Fix the issue about showing the wrong version.
    Check the details at #747

  • v0.25.0 Changes

    June 28, 2019

    After the Summer Solstice, A new version of CITA is coming-brown-sugar-osmanthus-ice-powder.

    👍 A new feature that supports for the forwarding of consensus messages, it means that CITA can support a network structure with a consensus node that is not fully connected.


    • 🔨 Refactor the genesis generation tool, and improve the test scripts.
    • 👉 Make cita-logger as an independent crate. There will be more crates like this in the future.
    • 🛠 Fix the bug of network, and make it more stable.

    👍 Thanks for your continued support of CITA.

    夏至过后,我们带来了 CITA 新的版本-红糖桂花冰粉

    新功能方面支持了共识消息的转发,意味着 CITA 能够支持共识节点非全连接的网络结构。


    • 重构了生成创世块的工具,以及完善了测试脚本。
    • 抽出了 cita-logger 库,未来也会有更多的独立的库。
    • 主要修复了网络方面的 Bug,网络模块更加稳定。

    感谢各位对 CITA 长久以来的支持。


    🔄 ChangeLog


    • [Optimization] Bump Rust toolchain to 1.34.2. [@kaikai1024]
    • [Optimization] Use Rust 2018 edition. [@kaikai1024] [@ouwenkg]
    • [Optimization] Use cita-logger crate. [@kaikai1024]


    • [Fix] Fix the bug that save wrong session. [@leeyr338]
    • [Fix] Should not unwrap on handle_remote_msg. [@leeyr338]
    • [Fix] Fix the operation of repeated peer key. [@jerry-yu]
    • [Feature] Add retransfer message for P2P network. [@jerry-yu]

    System Contracts

    • [Fix] Fix the import path. [@ouwenkg]
    • [Optimization] Use protocol version instead of version. [@kaikai1024]
    • [Optimization] Rename emergency brake to emergency intervention. [@kaikai1024]


    • 🔨 [Refactor] Rewrite the tool of creating genesis using Rust. [@ouwenkg]

    ✅ Test

    • 🔨 [Refactor] Refactor scripts of integrate test. [@kaikai1024]
    • ✅ [Optimization] Add quota unit test in travisCI. [@ouwenkg]


    • [Fix] Node path should not consider bin path. [@rainchen]
    • 🔨 [Refactor] Refactor the script. [@kaikai1024]
    • ✅ [Fix] Fix amend help info and latest version. [@leeyr338]
    • 0️⃣ [Optimization] Rename config_example to default_config. [@kaikai1024]


  • v0.24.2 Changes

    October 24, 2019
    • 🛠 Fix Executor's panic when vm memery offset greater then size
    • 🛠 Fix duplicate transaction hash in block.
  • v0.24.1 Changes

    June 14, 2019

    ⚡️ Optimize memory usage in cita-executor.
    Check the details at [#588]

  • v0.24.0 Changes

    May 18, 2019

    🆕 New version is coming again!

    ⬆️ In this version, CITA protocol version has been upgraded to v2, and the detailed operations can refer to protocol upgrade.

    🔧 The node discovery mechanism becomes configurable! You can choose to use a configuration file to control node discovery, or you can choose the P2P node auto-discovery mechanism.

    ⚡️ We have further optimized the configuration related to the economic model and added a configuration item through which the total amount of tokens can be customized.

    At the same time, we also fix some bugs according to user's feedback. We always believe that given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.

    📚 Based on feedback from the community, we also have refactored a lot of documentation, which is more user-friendly and covers more content now.

    🍱 We sincerely thank the community for their feedback and contributions during this time. Because of your participation, CITA can better iterative forward!❤️

    Enjoy the summer with delicious Cold Noodles~~~


    📄 在这个版本里面,0.24.0 CITA 协议版本已升级为 v2,协议版本的相关升级操作可参考协议升级.

    节点发现机制变成可配置的了!你可以选择用配置文件来控制节点的发现,也可以选择 P2P 节点自动发现机制。

    我们也进一步对经济模型相关的配置进行优化,增加了一个配置项,Charge 模型下可以通过修改该配置项,自定义代币的总量。

    同时,我们也对用户反馈的 bug 进行了修复。我们始终相信,given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow

    🍱 真诚的感谢这段时间社区小伙伴们的反馈与贡献,因为你们,CITA 才能更好地迭代向前!❤️


    🚀 cold-noodles

    🔄 Changelog


    ➕ Add the support for v2 protocol. More details can refer to protocol upgrade.


    • 👍 [Optimization] Support new protocol version 2. [@ouwenkg]
    • [Optimization] Bump cita-sdk-js to 0.23.1 to fix the problem of version 2. [@kaikai1024]
    • [Optimization] Bump Rust toolchain to 1.34.1. [@kaikai1024]
    • 🛠 [Optimization] Use fixed Solidity version for system contracts. [@kaikai1024]
    • 🔒 [Optimization] Upgrade the node packages to avoid the security alert. [@kaikai1024]
    • 🌲 [Optimization] Use new log pattern. [@kaikai1024]
    • ⚡️ [Optimization] Update genesis submodule: use tag. [@kaikai1024]


    • [Fix] Fix coinbase in auto exec. [@ouwenkg]
    • [Fix] Fix potential panic issue in evm trace. [@ouwenkg]
    • [Fix] Refund token when suicide. [@ouwenkg]
    • ⚡️ [Optimization] Update zktx to use stable verison of Rust. [@kaikai1024]


    • [Feature] Use new P2P library. [@jerry-yu]
    • 🔧 [Feature] Let network be configuration. [@jerry-yu]
    • [Fix] Fix bug for saving wrong session id. [@jerry-yu]
    • [Fix] Fix for operating repeated peer key. [@jerry-yu]


    • 🔊 [Fix] Fix the bug that getLogs would break down the chain when toBlock is very large. [@leeyr338]
    • ⚡️ [Optimization] Update log in forward of cita-chain. [@ouwenkg]
    • 🚚 [Fix] Move chain_version into BlockSysConfig. [@ouwenkg]


    • 🔀 [Fix] Fix CITA-BFT panic when new ordinary node syncs the blocks. [@leeyr338]
    • 🐳 [Fix] Fix the bug that chain can't product block after restart docker. [@leeyr338]
    • [Fix] Fix the bug for jumping round when delayed. [@jerry-yu]


    • [Fix] Fix service start error when .*.pid files exist. [@leeyr338]


    • [Fix] Fix panic in snapshot path. [@ouwenkg]

    ✅ Test

    • [Optimization] Set more time for checking P2P network. [@leeyr338]
    • ✅ [Optimization] Use testdata submodule to test rpc interface. [@kaikai1024]
    • [Fix] Fix bug of script. [@rev-chaos]


    • [Optimization] Modify script for new network config. [@leeyr338]
    • 🌲 [Fix] Set logrotate output log as a relative path. [@leeyr338]
    • [Fix] Generate privkey file when use authorities option. [@leeyr338]
    • 🔧 [Feature] Let native token be configurable. [@leeyr338]
    • 🐳 [Fix] Fix docker multi-ports expose error. [@leeyr338]
    • 🚚 [Optimization] Remove the useless scripts. [@kaikai1024]
    • 🚚 [Optimization] Remove warnings of yaml. [@ouwenkg]


    • 🔨 [Doc] Refactor getting-started doc. [@zhouyun-zoe]
    • 📄 [Doc] Add economics model docs.[@zhouyun-zoe]
    • 📄 [Doc] Add zktx docs. [@kaikai1024]
    • [Doc] Add depository sample. [@leeyr338]
    • [Doc] Add operation guide section. [@zhouyun-zoe]
    • 🚀 [Doc] Add English version of release guide. [@YUJIAYIYIYI]
    • 🌲 [Doc] Add logging rule doc. [@kaikai1024]
    • 🔨 [Doc] Refactor the protocol part doc. [@ouwenkg]
    • 🔨 [Doc] Refactor the special governance part doc. [@ouwenkg]
    • 🔨 [Doc] Refactor the account-permission part doc. [@kaikai1024]
  • v0.23.1 Changes

    May 05, 2019

    🛠 Fix the issue about showing the wrong version.
    Check the details at [#538]