Programming language: Rust
License: MIT License
Tags: Web Programming     HTTP Client    
Latest version: v0.4.38

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libcurl bindings for Rust

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Quick Start

use std::io::{stdout, Write};

use curl::easy::Easy;

// Print a web page onto stdout
fn main() {
    let mut easy = Easy::new();
    easy.write_function(|data| {

    println!("{}", easy.response_code().unwrap());
use curl::easy::Easy;

// Capture output into a local `Vec`.
fn main() {
    let mut dst = Vec::new();
    let mut easy = Easy::new();

    let mut transfer = easy.transfer();
    transfer.write_function(|data| {

Post / Put requests

The put and post methods on Easy can configure the method of the HTTP request, and then read_function can be used to specify how data is filled in. This interface works particularly well with types that implement Read.

use std::io::Read;
use curl::easy::Easy;

fn main() {
    let mut data = "this is the body".as_bytes();

    let mut easy = Easy::new();
    easy.post_field_size(data.len() as u64).unwrap();

    let mut transfer = easy.transfer();
    transfer.read_function(|buf| {

Custom headers

Custom headers can be specified as part of the request:

use curl::easy::{Easy, List};

fn main() {
    let mut easy = Easy::new();

    let mut list = List::new();
    list.append("Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==").unwrap();

Keep alive

The handle can be re-used across multiple requests. Curl will attempt to keep the connections alive.

use curl::easy::Easy;

fn main() {
    let mut handle = Easy::new();



Multiple requests

The libcurl library provides support for sending multiple requests simultaneously through the "multi" interface. This is currently bound in the multi module of this crate and provides the ability to execute multiple transfers simultaneously. For more information, see that module.


By default, this crate will attempt to dynamically link to the system-wide libcurl and the system-wide SSL library. Some of this behavior can be customized with various Cargo features:

  • ssl: Enable SSL/TLS support using the platform-default TLS backend. On Windows this is Schannel, on macOS Secure Transport, and [OpenSSL] (or equivalent) on all other platforms. Enabled by default.
  • rustls Enable SSL/TLS support via Rustls, a well-received alternative TLS backend written in Rust. Rustls is always statically linked. Disabled by default.

Note that Rustls support is experimental within Curl itself and may have significant bugs, so we don't offer any sort of stability guarantee with this feature.

  • http2: Enable HTTP/2 support via libnghttp2. Disabled by default.
  • static-curl: Use a bundled libcurl version and statically link to it. Disabled by default.
  • static-ssl: Use a bundled OpenSSL version and statically link to it. Only applies on platforms that use OpenSSL. Disabled by default.
  • spnego: Enable SPNEGO support. Disabled by default.
  • upkeep_7_62_0: Enable curl_easy_upkeep() support, introduced in curl 7.62.0. Disabled by default.
  • poll_7_68_0: Enable curl_multi_poll()/curl_multi_wakeup() support, requires curl 7.68.0 or later. Disabled by default.
  • ntlm: Enable NTLM support in curl. Disabled by default.
  • windows-static-ssl: Enable Openssl support on Windows via the static build provided by vcpkg. Incompatible with ssl (use --no-default-features). Disabled by default.

Note that to install openssl on windows via vcpkg the following commands needs to be ran:

  git clone https://github.com/microsoft/vcpkg
  cd vcpkg
  ./bootstrap-vcpkg.bat -disableMetrics
  ./vcpkg.exe integrate install
  ./vcpkg.exe install openssl:x64-windows-static-md

Version Support

The bindings have been developed using curl version 7.24.0. They should work with any newer version of curl and possibly with older versions, but this has not been tested.


Curl built against the NSS SSL library

If you encounter the following error message:

  [77] Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)

That means most likely, that curl was linked against libcurl-nss.so due to installed libcurl NSS development files, and that the required library libnsspem.so is missing. See also the curl man page: "If curl is built against the NSS SSL library, the NSS PEM PKCS#11 module (libnsspem.so) needs to be available for this option to work properly."

In order to avoid this failure you can either

  • install the missing library (e.g. Debian: nss-plugin-pem), or
  • remove the libcurl NSS development files (e.g. Debian: libcurl4-nss-dev) and rebuild curl-rust.


The curl-rust crate is licensed under the MIT license, see [LICENSE](LICENSE) for more details.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the curl-rust README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.