fselect v0.6.10 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-04-27 // about 1 month ago
    • NOT keyword (e.g., where name not like '%.tmp')
    • .d to the list of source file extensions
    • alternate form !~= of notrx operator
    • TRIM, REPLACE, UCASE and LCASE (synonyms for UPPER and LOWER) functions
    • 🐳 .dockerignore support
    • 🐳 dockerignore, gitignore, and hgignore boolean config parameters with default options for search within any roots, if not specified otherwise

Previous changes from v0.6.9

    • ➕ added SUBSTRING or SUBSTR function
    • ➕ added LEN as a synonym for LENGTH function
    • extract EXIF data from HEIF files
    • ➕ added device, inode, blocks, and hardlinks fields (Linux only)
    • 🛠 bugfixes

    Thanks to @jmbowman for suggestion about reading EXIF in HEIF files, and to @kamadak for the implementation.