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  • v0.9.0

    September 28, 2019

    🔄 Changelog:

    🔄 Changes:

    • 🚀 91f85b2 Fix release task
    • 🔀 37ad5dc Merge pull request #804 from getzola/next
    • 🚀 b4a31df Change release date
    • 🚀 35b5677 Ready for release
    • f96aad2 Only shrink when resizing with fit (#803)
    • 📄 b16d525 Mention feed_url in docs
    • ⚡️ 5844047 Update slotmap
    • 2377128 Improved the grammar of (#799)
    • 4fd5d3f Bump pulldown_cmark to version 0.6.0 (#797)
    • 52c2b74 Add anchor existence checking to link_checker component (#786) 👀 See More 🌐 096fefe Remove pub visibility from Config::translations hash (#796) 9db9fc8 Fix the issue of generating the search index for multiple language (#794) 🌐 5aadd3d Fix crash of trans() function called on absent translation key (#793) e77adc5 Fix the issue when checking the changes for multiple language section index file (#787) fb89f94 Process images on rebuild [#790] ⚡️ fb938a3 Update completions b396a1b Add --drafts flag + rustfmt ⚡️ 57691be Update changelog 258aece Add one-dark syntax highlight theme (#784) beb5a3a Universalize the GitHub pages publishing scheme (#780) [#765] 4fff750 ADD: reload when themes change (#771) [#713] 6a7e955 Add lang to get_taxonomy & get_taxonomy_url 6d5611f Use new Tera escape_xml filter for xml files 🛠 4695b02 Fix ToC generation for heading levels > 3 (bugfix) (#774) 📄 36f4ad9 Missing argument in resize_image docs (#778) f0c48b8 Add some more text to zola init [#773] 8942c15 Add to changelog + rustfmt 13b395b zola init works inside existing directories (closes #406) (#777) fd19469 Clarify a bit the pager term [#775] 🛠 a6db79f Use fixed version for syntect 0238e34 Add trailing slash to multilingual section path (#772) ⚡️ be0687b cargo update e231818 Add back subsections in basic section ser [#733] ✅ c503a9f Fix test 7f45994 Allow multiple taxonomies with same name in different language [#766] ⚡️ e74dab5 Update deps & re-render on anchor-link.html changes [#719] 👀 b9a5cb3 Min version is now 1.35 it seems ⚡️ 17de9b6 Update deps 0199017 Slugify given slugs as well 👍 4b43b75 Allow ignored_content to support markdown files (#759) 0cd9e58 Allow relative paths in new_file()/new_section() (#763) 7e61868 Ensure public exists for search index [#756] 🚚 0e4e0c3 Remove all draft specific code 👷 99abbb8 Set up CI with Azure Pipelines (#750) ⚡️ bb59f18 Update current year :) (#755) 🛠 d016764 fixed tags in draft not found error (#753) 🚚 ad6b713 Do not use serve remove dir result [#752] 9f46048 Add Tomorrow theme (#749) ⚡️ d356a76 Update deps ✅ af00a2e Add tests for custom url scheme ⚡️ 0585a1f Update all themes 7c3a112 Render draft pages in serve mode ⚡️ a923f70 Update site summary in zola check 28ecf55 Add counts in zola check [#726] 💅 f5c7b44 Add warning for old style internal link + fix one d2a6215 Do not load draft pages [#742] ⚠ 46ee256 Fix clippy warnings (#744) 🚀 666de51 Fix Netlify auto-deploy instructions [#745] ⚡️ f9811bc Some updates 47a87d2 Start changelog 8a737d7 Add an option to hard link files from static/ instead of copying. (#723) 🐳 6992e8a Remove hardcoded DOCKER_TAG ⚠ b716401 Fix warnings caused by unnecessary mut qualifiers (#735) 0️⃣ 90dad05 Add --open flag to serve command, to open URL in default browser (#739) ⚡️ 627222a Update sitemaps namespace [#722] f26f771 Mention the id variable for the anchor link template [#727] ⚡️ 059ca55 Update LiveReload.js to v3.0.0 (#730) ⚡️ 79dfe92 Update (#729) ⚡️ d43812d chore: Update toml to 0.5 everywhere 71e149c v0.8.1 1cc0295 Fix internal links (#743) 📄 6895ae5 docs: Add installation on FreeBSD (#741) fccd5c4 added to examples (#736) 📄 a49daa7 docs: Add installation on Fedora (#734) 🔀 45b8bc3 Merge pull request #724 from nvzqz/simplify-readme 14300c1 Simplify yes/ehh/no links in ⚡️ fe3b734 Update 📄 9faa0dd Use zola 0.8 for the docs 🏗 This list of changes was auto generated.
  • v0.8.0

    June 22, 2019

    💥 Breaking

    • 👍 Allow specifying heading IDs. It is a breaking change in the unlikely case you are using {#..} in your heading
    • Internal links are now starting by @/ rather than ./ to avoid confusion with relative links
    • ✅ Latest Tera version now cares about where the safe filter is, always put it at the end of an expression.


    • 🛠 Fix image processing not happening if called from the template
    • ➕ Add a zola check command to that validates the site and checks all external links
    • Sections can have aliases as well
    • Anchors in internal links are now checked for existence
  • v0.7.0

    April 28, 2019

    💥 Breaking

    • ✂ Remove --base-path option, it broke serve on Windows and wasn't properly tested


    • Strip wrapping whitespaces from shortcodes
    • Sort sitemap elements by permalink
  • v0.6.0

    March 25, 2019

    💥 Breaking

    • earlier/later and lighter/heavier are not set anymore on pages when rendering a section
    • The table of content for a page/section is now only available as the toc variable when rendering it and not anymore on the page/section variable
    • 0️⃣ Default directory for load_data is now the root of the site instead of the content directory
    • 📚 Change variable sent to the sitemap template, see documentation for details


    • ➕ Add support for content in multiple languages
    • 🚤 Lower latency on serve before rebuilding from 2 to 1 second
    • 👍 Allow processing PNG and produced images are less blurry
    • ➕ Add an id (zola-continue-reading) to the paragraph generated after a summary
    • ➕ Add Dracula syntax highlighting theme
    • 🛠 Fix using inline styles in headers
    • 🛠 Fix sections with render=false being shown in sitemap
    • Sitemap is now split when there are more than 30 000 links in it
    • ➕ Add link to sitemap in robots.txt
    • Markdown rendering is now fully CommonMark compliant
    • 0️⃣ load_data now defaults to loading file as plain text, unless format is passed or the extension matches csv/toml/json
    • Sitemap entries get an additional extra field for pages only
    • ➕ Add a base-path command line option to build and serve
  • v0.5.1

    December 14, 2018
    • 🛠 Fix deleting markdown file in zola serve
    • 🛠 Fix pagination for taxonomies being broken and add missing documentation for it
    • ➕ Add missing pager pages from the sitemap
    • 👍 Allow and parse full RFC339 datetimes in filenames
    • Live reload is now enabled for the 404 page on serve
  • v0.5.0

    November 17, 2018

    💥 Breaking

    • Gutenberg has changed name to zola!
    • 🚚 The pagers variable of Paginator objects has been removed
    • section.subsections is now an array of paths to be used with the get_section Tera function
    • Table of content now strips HTML from the titles to avoid various issues
    • gutenberg-anchor CSS class has been renamed zola-anchor
    • data is now a reserved variable name in templates, it is unused right now but might change soon.


    • Many many times faster (x5-x40) for most sites
    • ⚡️ Update dependencies, fixing a few bugs with templates
    • Load only .html files in themes from the templates folder
    • Background colour is set fewer times when highlighting syntaxes, resulting in smaller HTML filesize
    • 🔗 Link checker will not try to validate email links anymore
    • Load table and footnote markdown extensions in markdown filter
    • 0️⃣ get_url now defaults to not adding a trailing slash
    • 🛠 Fix --base-url not overriding processed images URLs
    • ➕ Add more Emacs temp file to the ignored patterns in gutenberg serve
    • Files starting with . are not considered pages anymore even if they end with .md
    • 🖨 _processed_images folder for image processing has been renamed processed_images to avoid issues with GitHub Pages
    • 0️⃣ Syntax highlighting default was mistakenly true, it has been set to false
    • ➕ Add NO_COLOR and CLICOLOR support for having colours or not in CLI output
    • 🛠 Fix robots.txttemplate not being used
    • 0️⃣ RSS feed now takes all available articles by default instead of limiting to 10000
    • templates directory is now optional
    • ➕ Add Reason and F# syntax highlighting
    • ➕ Add ancestors to pages and sections pointing to the relative path of all ancestor sections up to the index to be used with the get_section Tera function
    • ➕ Add a load_data Tera function to load local CSV/TOML/JSON files
    • ➕ Add relative_path to pages and sections in templates
    • Do not have a trailing slash for the RSS permalinks
    • serve will now try to find other ports than 1111 rather than panicking
    • Ensure content directory exists before rendering aliases
    • Do not include drafts in pagination
    • Pages filenames starting by a date will now use that date as page date if there isn't one defined in frontmatter
    • Accept markdown files starting with BOM
    • ➕ Add a watch-only flag to the serve command for when you don't want a webserver
    • ➕ Add transparent sections, for when you want to separate content by sections but want to group them at a higher level (think a posts folder with years that want to use pagination on the index).
    • ➕ Add page_template to section front-matter for when you want to specify the template to use for every page under it
    • 👌 Improves to zola serve: now handles directories renaming
  • v0.4.2

    September 03, 2018
    • ➕ Add assets to section indexes
    • 👍 Allow users to add custom highlighting syntaxes
    • ➕ Add Swift, MiniZinc syntaxes and update others
    • 🖐 Handle post summaries better: no more cutting references
  • v0.4.1

    August 07, 2018
    • 🛠 Fix live reload of a section content change getting no pages data
    • 🛠 Fix critical bug in serve in some OSes
    • ⚡️ Update deps, should now build and work correctly on BSDs
  • v0.4.0

    August 03, 2018

    💥 Breaking

    • Taxonomies have been rewritten from scratch to allow custom ones with RSS and pagination
    • 🚚 order sorting has been removed in favour of only having weight
    • have been renamed to page.later/page.earlier and page.heavier/page.lighter depending on the sort method


    • 🛠 Fix serve not working with the config flag
    • 🛠 Websocket port on live will not get the first available port instead of a fixed one
    • Rewrite markdown rendering to fix all known issues with shortcodes
    • ➕ Add array arguments to shortcodes and allow single-quote/backtick strings
    • 🍱 Co-located assets are now permalinks
    • Words are now counted using unicode rather than whitespaces
    • Aliases can now be pointing directly to specific HTML files
    • ➕ Add year, month and day variables to pages with a date
    • 🛠 Fix panic when live reloading a change on a file without extensions
    • ➕ Add image resizing support
    • ➕ Add a 404 template
    • Enable preserve-order feature of Tera
    • ➕ Add an external link checker
    • ➕ Add get_taxonomy global function to return the full taxonomy
  • v0.3.4

    June 22, 2018
    • ⚡️ cargo update as some dependencies didn't compile with current Rust version
    • ➕ Add CMake syntax highlighting and update other syntax highlighting