gutenberg v0.11.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-25 // 2 months ago
  • 🔄 Changes:

    a7657f30abd94a21d6b74105eca0364a06579b62 Use {{ page.permalink | safe }} in tutorial (#1024) [#129] ⚡️ fbf431d6128c629873190b9e612a2a26661cefa8 Update syntect, using rust-onig with bindgen temporarily ⚡️ bc496e61010be1094a9192003ea59506c14d9397 Update syntaxes and syntect e3dc8bbab5670b346397bca17d2faa62e0f703e1 Access heading level in anchor-link.html (#1008) 🚚 e9b47dae5996e3a5c5299cd59a29f4bab43369f8 Remove implicit dependency on openssl-sys (#1001) (#1005) 79b2338bd3a0cda334e4f642696553a91e02b364 Fix path of generated page (#1011) ✏️ 6b91328e81abaaa55db94248bfda011391dc628b Typos (#1010) ✅ b96b187eca2807c27cd3dceb6744c9c1d9ccbb72 Fix tests + rustfmt d19855e909bce5980f55660cf22dde3853e93146 Rewrite link_checker to use a Result internally (#928) 📄 7b3279befd417243b450b5b028dafb11678dc729 Theme docs: actually edit the config (#996) c04e6ebaf5135f38366940281fa0ba43e66ce16c Some tweaks ⚡️ 93b3b9f9ff5b0bf409925330e07365c45ea7057f Update pinned version in CI 🔀 0ac70cb2424957393f442a3c5ab25c5dee0767c9 Merge pull request #994 from chris-morgan/misc ⚡️ 07e0853183cd4fa6d5b0691359f4d32a909ee62e Update themes ✅ 8253adbcc03456e61a950ee6cb9ecda36c7ba619 Fix tests 4653e687150d61d40d162bb84a1ae559cc72f90c Add lang, taxonomy and term to feed template ⚡️ eb7751955a18ed28f94abb03c882381c0f0ae0a1 WIP: add an 'updated' field to pages 0cc1435f35fcde465e7ba1642d8822845a4e5d4d Make config.description optional in atom.xml 🏗 048949ea31feb92dc8a80c78dfaef4ed4a8e6142 Rename last_build_date to latest_date 0️⃣ e25915b2315c24bb343a91a55eb92455534ea396 Support and default to generating Atom feeds 4a10d0497e23e986fe4025a33a30ca6c3fdc1d18 Normalise built-in templates cc01d3f82f00e63bf0e84ab97f2015ac3e17b810 Make live reload work with missing

    📚 cc64803553e591769022c5d03bfae5979b7c1446 Fix documentation of TaxonomyConfig fields 📄 896c30d89242d60723a1148b1666c85dbc28fd67 Fix a broken Markdown link in the docs 📚 c2dd408df4f1b9b030f95b1560bd352f788bea29 Fix obsolete slugify_paths documentation d519cdd0a1d5800110878ab4decafcbacc807e2c chmod -x a couple of files that needed it 📚 167b2b9974fa700f079d89077782600f44c44a19 Fix sass documentation error in example path name (#991) 41bbaeb9700aab7e98d93801985a6c93886df8db Add an optionnal lang parameter to get_url (#982) 0️⃣ b2eb00a374c71633e5a14c08732a58af253394c0 Ensure lang is always set on default sections fb6cbe008f0da03cbde426d8f020152b86dd91c8 Mention how to get config variables in templates ⚡️ 469babbd97fbdc1d9f87fc4ec2c2030b9aac0704 Update docs on markdown filter [#989] ⚡️ 56e25132a903f58d4cfe6e9179db396d596c1c95 Update deps + fix some misleading doc e3cb4ff0ea0f958fc5e850d7294d797a54014689 Preserve timestamps when copying files (#974) (#983) 🔀 ff6238afddd22e5c819a65884627f36e21a27a39 Merge pull request #981 from GaaH/fail-if-lang-set-twice 0️⃣ 16a22e76fa77af3f6ec3fbfa11304b7cb84bd4f2 Fail if a language is set both in config.default_languages and config.languages 01597adfd242a2339845765d7c38106a89fdc7d9 Pass lang to taxonomy list template [#963] 91bf91a88b30ef1cf3e17579cad0de60e0298bb8 Fix link checker not checking for capital id/name [#948] 30f6f38e6e0a177f7ad7d7209f1c1510e241ef80 0.10.2

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