nalgebra v0.29.0 Release Notes

  • 💥 Breaking changes

    • ⚡️ We updated to the version 0.6 of simba. This means that the trait bounds T: na::RealField, na::ComplexField, na::SimdRealField, na:SimdComplexField no imply that T: Copy (they only imply that T: Clone). This may affect generic code.
    • The closure given to apply, zip_apply, zip_zip_apply must now modify the first argument inplace, instead of returning a new value. This makes these methods more versatile, and avoid useless clones when using non-Copy scalar types.
    • The Allocator trait signature has been significantly modified in order to handle uninitialized matrices in a sound way.


    • Orthographic3::from_matrix_unchecked is now const fn.
    • Perspective3::from_matrix_unchecked is now const fn.
    • Rotation::from_matrix_unchecked is now const fn.
    • 👯 The Scalar is now automatically implemented for most 'static + Clone types. Type that implement Clone but not Copy are now much safer to work with thanks to the refactoring of the Allocator system.

    ➕ Added

    • The conversion traits form the bytemuck crates are now implemented for the geometric types too.
    • Added operator overloading for Transform * UnitComplex, UnitComplex * Transform, Transform ×= UnitComplex, Transform ÷= UnitComplex.
    • ➕ Added Reflection::bias() to retrieve the bias of the reflection.
    • ➕ Added Reflection1..Reflection6 aliases for 1D to 6D reflections.
    • ➕ Added implementation of From and Into for converting between nalgebra types and types from glam 0.16 and glam 0.17. These can be enabled by enabling the convert-glam016, and/or convert-glam017 cargo features.