Native Windows GUI (NWG) is a thin GUI toolkit built over the Microsoft Windows WINAPI for rust. The current version is 0.1.0 ALPHA. The library is not production ready, but it has enough features implemented in order to create simple GUI applications.

NWG uses retep998/winapi-rs and works on all rust channels and most rust versions. NWG was tested on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 using the MSVC ABI build but any version of Microsoft Windows supported by Rust is supposed to be supported by NWG (vista and up).

Native Windows GUI do not work like your average GUI library, it works like some kind of opaque service. It's kinda hard to explain it in a few words so you should check the first chapter of the docs .

Programming language: Rust
Tags: Gui-toolkit     GUI     Ui     Windows    

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