This crate provides a simple interface to liblzma. LZMA is more commonly known as XZ or 7zip, (as in, files with the .xz or .7z file extension). LZMA compression is fast and aggressive, compressing better than bzip2. liblzma implements the XZ variant, so it can read and write .xz files/streams.

Two interfaces are provided. LzmaReader/LzmaWriter are generic Readers and Writers that can be composed with other Read/Write interfaces. For example, wrap them around a File and you can write data to a file while compressing it on the fly, or stream in an xz file from disk.

See the documentation for details on usage.

Monthly Downloads: 278
Programming language: Rust
License: MIT License
Tags: Compression     decompression     LZMA     Xz     Liblzma    

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