rust-sdl2 v0.33 Release Notes

  • PR #956 + PR #960 + PR #951: 🛠 Fix some build targets.

    PR #948 + PR #957: ✂ Remove the num dependency.

    PR #947: ⬆️ Upgraded the "bundled" version of SDL2 to 2.0.10

    PR #940: 💥 Breaking change Removed the rand dependency for random colors. You will have to implement your own random colors from now on.

    PR #933: 💥 Breaking change Removed AudioFormatNum::zero(), use AudioFormatNum::SILENCE constant instead.

    PR #907: 🔄 Changed the data type to i32 for the which field for the events ControllerDeviceAdded and JoyDeviceAdded.

    PR #882: 🗄 Ignore unknown bits in SDL_Keysym's mod field (key modifiers) when constructing Event::KeyDown and Event::KeyUp. Deprecate sdl2::event::Event::unwrap_keymod, which had been made public accidentally.

    PR #898: Implements TryFrom<PixelFormatEnum> for PixelFormat