UNIC v0.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-08-06 // almost 5 years ago
  • ➕ Added

    • unic-ucd-category: Support General_Category Unicode (UCD) character property, implemented as enum GeneralCategory.

    • unic-ucd-nomal: Support Decomposition_Type Unicode (UCD) character property, implemented as enum DecompositionType.

    🔄 Changed

    • unic-ucd-normal: Update Canonical_Combining_Class implementation to tuple struct and add update API accordingly.

    • unic-ucd-age: Update Age property implementation to not cause API breakage on new Unicode versions.

    • unic-utils: Rename from unic-ucd-utils, to contain all data-less utility functionalities. [GH-50]

    • Expand character property API in implementations, in the process of defining trait-based contracts for all (UCD and other) character properties. [GH-66] [GH-34]

    • 📦 Reorganize code structure to make room for dev packages, like new unic-gen crate—which is going to replace the Python implementation for data table generation.

    • unic-ucd: Expand cross-component and conformance tests. [GH-18] [GH-43]

    ✂ Removed

    • ⬇️ Drop data-dependent integration tests from packaging, allowing all tests pass for downloaded packages. [GH-34]

    • ⬇️ Drop dependency on rustc_test in favor of default integration test harness. [GH-76]