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Show r/rust: Rewriting my mobile game in Rust targeting WASM

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Docker images for compiling static Rust binaries using musl-cross
Featured Package // Category Docker


GCC Rust Monthly Report #8 July 2021

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The push for GATs stabilization

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a mailer library for Rust
Featured Package // Category Email

Rust Module of the Week!

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Geospatial primitives and algorithms for Rust
Featured Package // Category Geospatial

How to write really slow Rust code

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rust-analyzer changelog #88

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Rust templating with Handlebars
Featured Package // Category Handlebars


Rust mid-level IR Abstract Interpreter
Featured Package // Category Development tools

rustc_codegen_gcc: Progress Report #2

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Rust on Espressif chips

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Rust implementation of Project Fluent
Featured Package // Category Text processing

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Announcing Rust 1.54.0

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The Git Commit Message and Changelog Generation Framework :book:
Featured Package // Category Parser

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A set of Rust crates for interacting with the Matrix chat network.
Featured Package // Category Matrix


🦀 Learning Rust by Examples.
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Awesome Unstable Rust Features

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RustCrypto Elliptic Curves

Collection of pure Rust elliptic curve implementations (e.g. P-256, P-384, secp256k1)
Featured Package // Category Cryptography

Sixtyfps (rust GUI crate) weekly progress

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rust-analyzer changelog #87

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Bindings to the macOS Security.framework
Featured Package // Category Cryptography

Understanding Rust futures by going way too deep

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