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N-dimensional array with array views, multidimensional slicing, and efficient operations
Featured Package // Category Data processing

How to speed up the Rust compiler some more in 2020

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1Password announces Linux client preview, built with Rust + Electron

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Rust for a Pythonista #1: Why and when?

The first chapter of the series:

Rust for a Pythonista: Why, when, and how?

It covers reasoning for using Rust, possible use cases, building a Rust crate from the ground up, adding Python bindings, usability, CI & packaging.
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Go vs Rust: Writing a CLI tool

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Logging implementation for Rust
Featured Package // Category Logging

Native Windows GUI vs Termion

Popular comparison
  • Native Windows GUI - Native Windows GUI for rust
  • Termion - A bindless library for manipulating terminals.

Announcing Rust 1.45.2

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The Rust UI-Toolkit.
Package Added by sorokh into category GUI

rust-analyzer changelog #36

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Featured Package // Category System tools

Cursive vs Termion

Popular comparison
  • Cursive - A ncurses-based UI library for rust
  • Termion - A bindless library for manipulating terminals.

Beginner's guide to Error Handling in Rust

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gurk: Signal Messenger client for terminal

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libcurl bindings
Featured Package // Category HTTP Client

opencv-rust vs imageproc

Popular comparison
  • opencv-rust - Rust bindings for OpenCV
  • imageproc - An advanced image processing library for Rust.

Blue Team Rust: What is "Memory Safety", really?

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structopt vs clap-rs

Popular comparison
  • structopt - parse command line argument by defining a struct. It combines clap with custom derive.
  • clap-rs - a simple to use, full featured command-line argument parser

Webference Rusty Days 2020: all recorded talks

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Keep it simple, stupid 3d graphics engine for Rust.
Featured Package // Category Graphics

Alacritty Terminal Emulator Version 0.5.0 now with vi mode and search

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A CSV parser with type based decoding for Rust.
Featured Package // Category Parser

combine vs nom

Popular comparison
  • combine - parser combinator library
  • nom - parser combinator library

Rust 1.45.1 is released

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Top Stories
  • An introduction to Data Oriented Design with Rust
  • Rust nightly compiler supports AVR
  • Writing a file system from scratch in Rust
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High-performance browser-grade HTML5 parser
Featured Package // Category HTML

Last 30 Days

Emigui deserves more love

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a cross-platform, low level networking
Featured Package // Category Low level