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  • Here's My Type, So Initialize Me Maybe (mem::uninitialized is deprecated)
  • Writing a Compiler in Rust
  • Using Rust to Scale Elixir for 11 Million Concurrent Users
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Next-generation system shell
Featured Package // Category System tools

Announcing Rust 1.35.0 | Rust Blog

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combine vs nom

Popular comparison
  • combine - parser combinator library
  • nom - parser combinator library

Writing a Compiler in Rust

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crossplatform terminal library
Featured Package // Category TUI

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Sqlite3 bindings
Featured Package // Category Sqlite

Racer vs Rust Language Server

Popular comparison
  • Racer - code completion for Rust
  • Rust Language Server - a server that runs in the background, providing IDEs, editors, and other tools with information about Rust programs

WebRender MVP Ships in Firefox - Mozilla Gfx Team Blog

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dtolnay's case studies of tricky Rust code

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rust-etcd vs tikv

Popular comparison
  • rust-etcd - A client library for CoreOS's etcd.
  • tikv - TiKV is a distributed KV database powered by Rust


tar archive reading/writing in Rust
Featured Package // Category Compression

actix-web vs Rocket

Popular comparison
  • actix-web - A lightweight async web framework for Rust with websocket support
  • Rocket - A web framework for Rust.


A Gecko-oriented implementation of the Encoding Standard in Rust
Featured Package // Category Character Encoding

Rust In Avast

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tokio vs MIO

Popular comparison
  • tokio - Tokio is a network application framework for rapid development and highly scalable production deployments of clients and servers.
  • MIO - Metal IO library for Rust


Lightweight key-value store, heavily inspired by Python's PickleDB
Featured Package // Category NoSQL

glutin vs glium

Popular comparison
  • glutin - Rust alternative to GLFW
  • glium - safe OpenGL wrapper for the Rust language.


Memcached client library
Featured Package // Category Caching

Momo · Get Back Some Compile Time From Monomorphization

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Using Rust to Scale Elixir for 11 Million Concurrent Users

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Evaluating pipelined rustc compilation

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Running WebAssembly on the Kernel with Wasmer

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Awesome Rust Newsletter » 151

Top Stories
  • Rust: A Language for the Next 40 Years - Carol Nichols
  • Four years of Rust
  • Security advisory for the standard library | Rust Blog
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A fast, lock free pure rust mqtt cilent
Featured Package // Category Network programming

Zero Cost Abstractions

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2 and 3-dimensional rigid body physics engine for Rust.
Featured Package // Category Computation