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Easy and usable rust crypto
Featured Package // Category Cryptography


log vs slog

Popular comparison
  • log - Logging implementation for Rust
  • slog - Structured, composable logging for Rust


SDL2 bindings
Featured Package // Category SDL

Scout gets developers back to coding faster. An intuitive UI streamlines real-time performance insight so you can quickly pinpoint & resolve issues before the customer ever sees them. Start your free trial today!

Awesome Rust Newsletter » 227

Top Stories
  • Microsoft is hiring for a position "focused on delivering Rust compiler improvements"
  • Core team membership changes
  • rust-script - run Rust files and expressions as scripts
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Last 7 Days

For Complex Applications, Rust is as Productive as Kotlin

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IntelliJ Rust: New Functionality for Cargo Features

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2 and 3-dimensional collision detection library in Rust
Featured Package // Category Computation

structopt vs clap-rs

Popular comparison
  • structopt - parse command line argument by defining a struct. It combines clap with custom derive.
  • clap-rs - a simple to use, full featured command-line argument parser

rust-script - run Rust files and expressions as scripts

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OpenSSL bindings
Featured Package // Category Cryptography


GTK+ bindings
Featured Package // Category GTK+

rust-bindgen vs cbindgen

Popular comparison
  • rust-bindgen - a Rust bindings generator
  • cbindgen - generates C header files from Rust source files. Used in Gecko for WebRender

Cursive vs ncurses-rs

Popular comparison
  • Cursive - A ncurses-based UI library for rust
  • ncurses-rs - ncurses bindings

Bytecode Alliance: One year update

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rust-analyzer changelog #48

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Rust bindings for ImGui
Featured Package // Category GUI

rust-sqlite3 vs rusqlite

Popular comparison
  • rust-sqlite3 - Sqlite3 bindings
  • rusqlite - Sqlite3 bindings


a library for parsing real-world email files
Featured Package // Category Email

VTracer is a raster to vector graphics converter implemented in Rust.

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Last 30 Days

curl-rust vs reqwest

Popular comparison
  • curl-rust - libcurl bindings
  • reqwest - an ergonomic HTTP Client for Rust.

Blog Post: Introducing Ungrammar

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Redis library in Rust
Featured Package // Category Redis

rayon vs crossbeam

Popular comparison
  • rayon - A data parallelism library for Rust
  • crossbeam - Support for parallelism and low-level concurrency in Rust

Core team membership changes

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A fuzzy finder in pure rust
Featured Package // Category System tools - XMHell: Handling 38GB of UTF-16 XML with Rust

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combine vs nom

Popular comparison
  • combine - parser combinator library
  • nom - parser combinator library

Gotham vs actix-web

Popular comparison
  • Gotham - A flexible web framework that does not sacrifice safety, security or speed.
  • actix-web - A lightweight async web framework for Rust with websocket support

Awesome Rust Newsletter » 226

Top Stories
  • Announcing Tokio 0.3 and the path to 1.0
  • Announcement: xshell, ergonomic "bash" scripting in Rust
  • No, C++ still isn't cutting it.
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