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Annoucning Rust 2018 Preview 2!

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A DNSSec capable Client with Authority and Resolver implementations
Featured Package // Category Applications written in Rust


Futures 0.3.0-alpha.3

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Rustfmt 1.0RC

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a cross-platform, low level networking
Featured Package // Category Low level

Tower Web 0.2 — Now 100% comment attribute free

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rust-sqlite3 vs rusqlite

Popular comparison
  • rust-sqlite3 - Sqlite3 bindings
  • rusqlite - Sqlite3 bindings

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PNG optimizer written in Rust
Featured Package // Category Image processing

Never patterns, exhaustive matching, and uninhabited types (oh my!)

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Performance comparison of rust versions

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Next-generation system shell
Featured Package // Category System tools

Rocket vs Nickel

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  • Rocket - A web framework for Rust.
  • Nickel - inspired by Express

How to alleviate the pain of Rust compile times

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property testing framework inspired by the Hypothesis framework for Python
Featured Package // Category Testing

Rust for Visual Studio Code vs YouCompleteMe

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  • Rust for Visual Studio Code - Rust for Visual Studio Code
  • YouCompleteMe - A code-completion engine for Vim


OpenSSL bindings
Featured Package // Category Cryptography

glium vs gfx

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  • glium - safe OpenGL wrapper for the Rust language.
  • gfx - A high-performance, bindless graphics API for Rust.


2 and 3-dimensional rigid body physics engine for Rust.
Featured Package // Category Computation

Awesome Rust Newsletter » 111

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  • ripgrep is packaged in Debian
  • Rust and the Case of the Redundant Comparison
  • [Amethyst Game Engine] New Tutorial and Huge Feature Update
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Tower Web - A new web framework for Rust

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The State of GPGPU in Rust

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2 and 3-dimensional collision detection library in Rust
Featured Package // Category Computation

The State of Rust 2018 Survey is live!

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rust-mysql-simple vs mysql_async

Popular comparison
  • rust-mysql-simple - a native MySql client
  • mysql_async - asyncronous Rust Mysql driver based on Tokio.


asyncronous Rust Mysql driver based on Tokio.
Featured Package // Category MySql

Stacked Borrows: An Aliasing Model For Rust

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IntelliJ Rust Changelog #80

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combine vs nom

Popular comparison
  • combine - parser combinator library
  • nom - parser combinator library