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Writing an Audio Plugin in Rust

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PNG optimizer written in Rust
Featured package // Category Image processing

maud vs horrorshow-rs

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  • maud - compile-time HTML templates
  • horrorshow-rs - compile-time HTML templates

Want to join the Rust docs team?

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a LLDB extension for Visual Studio Code.
Featured package // Category Development tools

tikv vs rust-etcd

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  • tikv - TiKV is a distributed KV database powered by Rust
  • rust-etcd - A client library for CoreOS's etcd.

Tokio-minihttp is number 4 in TechEmpower Round 14 Preview

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a binary encoder/decoder in Rust
Featured package // Category Encoding

r2d2 vs rust-postgres

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  • r2d2 - generic connection pool
  • rust-postgres - a native PostgreSQL client

Awesome Rust Newsletter ยป 40

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  • Announcing the tokio-io Crate
  • Changes I would make to Go (Go from a Rust programmer's perspective)
  • "Wouldn't it be neat if you could write C++ inline in Rust?"
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New style guidelines

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native client written in Rust
Featured package // Category Cassandra

nalgebra vs rulinalg

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  • nalgebra - Linear algebra library for computer physics, computer graphics and general low-dimensional linear algebra for Rust.
  • rulinalg - A linear algebra library in Rust designed for machine learning


FFI wrapper around cfitsio in Rust
Featured package // Category Astronomy

gfx vs glium

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  • gfx - A high-performance, bindless graphics API for Rust.
  • glium - safe OpenGL wrapper for the Rust language.

Rust and RPC - OkCupid Hackweek 2017

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Rust bindings for ImGui
Featured package // Category GUI

conrod vs imgui-rs

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  • conrod - An easy-to-use, immediate-mode, 2D GUI library written entirely in Rust
  • imgui-rs - Rust bindings for ImGui


HTML template system for Rust
Featured package // Category Template engine

combine vs nom

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  • combine - parser combinator library
  • nom - parser combinator library