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MongoDB bindings
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combine vs nom

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  • combine - parser combinator library
  • nom - parser combinator library

Rust support in Emacs (new wiki page)

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Rust and CSV parsing

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Rust library to interface with Lua
Featured package // Category FFI

Native Windows GUI vs gtk

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  • Native Windows GUI - Native Windows GUI for rust
  • gtk - GTK+ bindings

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utility for cargo to compile projects when sources change
Featured package // Category Build system

conrod vs imgui-rs

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  • conrod - An easy-to-use, immediate-mode, 2D GUI library written entirely in Rust
  • imgui-rs - Rust bindings for ImGui


JSON Web Token implementation in Rust.
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新しい (atarashii/new) IMAP client in Rust. It supports plain and secure connections
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Rust is a big tent

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RocksDB bindings
Featured package // Category Database

Rust for Visual Studio Code vs vscode-rust

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  • Rust for Visual Studio Code - Rust for Visual Studio Code
  • vscode-rust - a fork of RustyCode

MVP implementation of async/await

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asyncronous Rust Mysql driver based on Tokio.
Featured package // Category Database

alacritty vs notty

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  • alacritty - a cross-platform, GPU enhanced terminal emulator
  • notty - an experimental project to bring new features to the command-line

How to: Run Rust code on your NVIDIA GPU

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  • 2 Years of Rust
  • An Atomic Hash Table
  • Rust on AVR: Beyond Blinking
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Layered configuration system for Rust applications (with strong support for 12-factor applications).
Featured package // Category Configuration

rustfmt vs Rust for Visual Studio Code

Popular comparison
  • rustfmt - a Rust code formatter
  • Rust for Visual Studio Code - Rust for Visual Studio Code


tidies SVG graphics
Featured package // Category Applications written in Rust

rust-native-tls vs rustls

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  • rust-native-tls - Bindings for native TLS libraries
  • rustls - a Rust implementation of TLS

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libcurl bindings
Featured package // Category Web programming

rust-peg vs pest

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  • rust-peg - Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) parser generator
  • pest - Elegant, efficient grammars


Structured, composable logging for Rust
Featured package // Category Logging

hyper vs curl-rust

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  • hyper - an HTTP implementation
  • curl-rust - libcurl bindings