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Cassandra (CQL) driver for Rust, using the DataStax C/C++ driver under the covers.
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A simple, safe HTTP client
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Update informer for CLI applications written in Rust 🦀
Featured Package // Category Build system

Unity Game Localization with Crowdin Plugin

In this article, you’ll learn how to translate Unity games with the Crowdin plugin, send your game content from Unity to Crowdin, provide context for your localization team, download completed translations, and more.
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🎮 A simple 2D game framework written in Rust
Featured Package // Category Game development

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  • Non-lexical lifetimes (NLL) fully stable | Rust Blog
  • Bevy's Second Birthday
  • Using unwrap() in Rust is Okay
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Announcing Rust 1.63.0

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Lavendeux Parser

Extensible inline parser engine, the backend parsing engine for Lavendeux.
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Bevy's Second Birthday

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An efficient and powerful Rust library for word wrapping text.
Featured Package // Category Text processing


CommonMark parser in Rust
Featured Package // Category CommonMark

Rust Compiler Midyear Report for 2022 | Inside Rust Blog

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Using unwrap() in Rust is Okay

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a mailer library for Rust
Featured Package // Category Email

Announcing: MiniRust

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Announcing Cargo WAPM

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Specs - Parallel ECS
Featured Package // Category Entity-Component Systems (ECS)

Fang, async background processing for Rust

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Geospatial primitives and algorithms for Rust
Featured Package // Category Geospatial

Non-lexical lifetimes (NLL) fully stable | Rust Blog

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Rust and WebAssembly without a Bundler

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Rust templating with Handlebars
Featured Package // Category Handlebars

Bevy Jam #2

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Awesome Rust Weekly » 319

Top Stories
  • Bevy 0.8
  • Announcing flashmap: a blazing fast, concurrent hash map
  • Write your first Linux kernel module with Rust
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Rust mid-level IR Abstract Interpreter
Featured Package // Category Development tools

Not a Yoking Matter (Zero-Copy #1)

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IntelliJ Rust: Updates For the 2022.2 Release Cycle

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A set of Rust crates for interacting with the Matrix chat network.
Featured Package // Category Matrix