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cli tui form clap ncurses cursive ui
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a Rust implementation of TLS
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imag - Text based personal information management suite
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Azul vs wxRust

Popular comparison
  • Azul - gui
  • wxRust - A Rust binding of the wxWidgets cross platform toolkit.

tikv vs redis-rs

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  • tikv - TiKV is a distributed KV database powered by Rust
  • redis-rs - Redis library in Rust

Leaving Mozilla and most of the Rust project

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  • Writing an OS in Rust: Introduction to Paging
  • It is time to RFC stdin helpers
  • Rust 2019: Solid Foundations for Unsafe Code
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bindings to the DataStax C/C++ client
Featured Package // Category Cassandra

Announcing Rust 1.32.0

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rust-lua vs td_rlua

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  • rust-lua - Safe Rust bindings to Lua 5.1
  • td_rlua - Zero-cost high-level lua 5.3 wrapper for Rust

A bot for Starcraft in Rust, C or any other language

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JSON support for Serde framework
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Native Windows GUI vs Termion

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  • Native Windows GUI - Native Windows GUI for rust
  • Termion - A bindless library for manipulating terminals.

Stretch — A flexbox implementation in Rust

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It is time to RFC stdin helpers

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tool for releasing git-managed cargo project, build, tag, publish, doc and push
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clap-rs vs

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  • clap-rs - a simple to use, full featured command-line argument parser
  • - a Rust implementation of DocOpt


Windows API bindings
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QMetaObject crate for Rust

qt qml gui
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Writing an OS in Rust: Introduction to Paging

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ripgrep 0.10.0 is reproducible in Debian

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generates C header files from Rust source files. Used in Gecko for WebRender
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imgui-rs vs nuklear-rust

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  • imgui-rs - Rust bindings for ImGui
  • nuklear-rust - Rust bindings for Nuklear

Last 30 Days

cargo-crev v0.4.0: Everything is easier now!

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Toshi: an Elasticsearch competitor written in Rust

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official Rust package
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YouCompleteMe vs rust.vim

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  • YouCompleteMe - A code-completion engine for Vim
  • rust.vim - provides file detection, syntax highlighting, formatting, Syntastic integration, and more.

Rust 2019: Solid Foundations for Unsafe Code

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conrod vs imgui-rs

Popular comparison
  • conrod - An easy-to-use, immediate-mode, 2D GUI library written entirely in Rust
  • imgui-rs - Rust bindings for ImGui