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  • Announcing cargo src (beta)
  • Redox Summer of Code
  • Lastest vscode update blog shows RLS screenshot
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A Cargo subcommand for the client-side Web
Featured Package // Category Client-side / WASM


Announcing cargo src (beta)

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an ergonomic HTTP Client for Rust.
Featured Package // Category HTTP Client

Hello wasm-pack! – Mozilla Hacks

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Last 7 Days

GraalVM can run Rust via LLVM bitcode.

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imag - Text based personal information management suite
Featured Package // Category Applications written in Rust

What it will take to make ggez run on Webassembly

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combine vs nom

Popular comparison
  • combine - parser combinator library
  • nom - parser combinator library

New crate: human panic - panic messages for humans

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A Useful Feature Few Rust Programmers Know About

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Bindings for native TLS libraries
Featured Package // Category Cryptography

IntelliJ Rust Changelog #72

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Rust pattern: Rooting an Rc handle

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use Rust from Java
Featured Package // Category Java

Lastest vscode update blog shows RLS screenshot

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Redox Summer of Code

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Instance Identity in C++ and Rust

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a Rust implementation of TLS
Featured Package // Category Cryptography cryptography suite

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vim-cargo vs rust.vim

Popular comparison
  • vim-cargo - command bindings to quickly run cargo stuff from vim.
  • rust.vim - provides file detection, syntax highlighting, formatting, Syntastic integration, and more.


AWS SDK for Rust
Featured Package // Category Cloud

Writing An NES Emulator with Rust and WebAssembly

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Last 30 Days

Down a Rusty Rabbit Hole

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Awesome Rust Newsletter » 95

Top Stories
  • Async & Await in Rust: a full proposal
  • Dark Side Of Ergonomics
  • Futures 0.2 is here!
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Rust task runner and build tool.
Featured Package // Category Cargo

Tutorial: Conway's Game of Life in Rust and WebAssembly

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generates C header files from Rust source files. Used in Gecko for WebRender
Featured Package // Category C