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SDL2 bindings for Rust
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Blog Post: Rust Is a Scalable Language

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clap v4.2, a Rust CLI argument parser

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Announcing Rust 1.68.2

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Tree Borrows - A new aliasing model for Rust

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A Text User Interface library for the Rust programming language
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Rust's Golden Rule

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Blog Post: Zig And Rust

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A low-level library for OpenGL context creation, written in pure Rust.
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JWT lib in rust
Featured Package // Category Authentication

A Proposal for Safe Window Handles

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Find files with SQL-like queries
Featured Package // Category System tools

How to Learn Rust

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Redis library for rust
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Rocket v0.5-rc3 is out!

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How to speed up the Rust compiler in March 2023

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  • (How) I built my own memory profiler (in Rust, on Linux)
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Announcing Rust 1.68.1

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Kobold: new web UI crate with zero-cost static DOM

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rust wrapper for rocksdb
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The AsyncIterator interface

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(How) I built my own memory profiler (in Rust, on Linux)

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Linear algebra library for Rust.
Featured Package // Category Computation