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unofficial Rust library for SendGrid API
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How to speed up the Rust compiler one last time in 2019

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Announcing hyper v0.13!

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xargo v0.3.18

A new version of xargo has been released
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A Rust library implementing safe, lightweight context switches, without relying on kernel services
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Announcing the Team!

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Formatting is Unreasonably Expensive for Embedded Rust

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config-rs v0.10.0

A new version of config-rs has been released
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Had a bit of fun creating Ferris variations

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an SMTP-library for Rust
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tera v1.0.0

A new version of tera has been released
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automatically applies the suggestions made by rustc
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Tera 1.0.0 is here!

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hyper vs reqwest

Popular comparison
  • hyper - an HTTP implementation
  • reqwest - an ergonomic HTTP Client for Rust.

cargo-edit v0.4.2

A new version of cargo-edit has been released
New Version

Zone of Control

[DISCONTINUED] a turn-based hexagonal strategy game
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A Rust audio playback library
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Writing the slowest quicksort

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A set of cryptographic primitives for building a multi-hop Proxy Re-encryption scheme, known as Transform Encryption.
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  • Microsoft creating new Rust-based safe language
  • Constant propagation is now on by default in nightly | Inside Rust Blog
  • 1Password X Manager rewritten in Rust
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CodeLLDB v1.4.3

A new version of CodeLLDB has been released
New Version


create ctags/etags for a cargo project and all of its dependencies
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1Password X Manager rewritten in Rust

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Blocking inside async code

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rust-analyzer Changelog #1

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cbindgen v0.11.0

A new version of cbindgen has been released
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Kafka Rust Client

Rust client for Apache Kafka
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rucaja vs rust-jdbc

Popular comparison
  • rucaja - use Java from Rust
  • rust-jdbc - uses JDBC from Rust