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glutin v0.22.0-alpha2

A new version of glutin has been released
New Version


Memcached client library
Featured Package // Category Caching

vscode-rust vs Clippy

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  • vscode-rust - a fork of RustyCode
  • Clippy - Rust lints

Writing Linux Kernel Module in Rust

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serde v1.0.99

A new version of serde has been released
New Version


A fast, lock free pure rust mqtt cilent
Featured Package // Category Network programming

tokio vs actix

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  • tokio - Tokio is a network application framework for rapid development and highly scalable production deployments of clients and servers.
  • actix - Actor library for Rust

Should HashMap be added to std prelude?

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2 and 3-dimensional rigid body physics engine for Rust.
Featured Package // Category Computation

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  • Amethyst Activity Report - July 2019
  • IntelliJ Rust Changelog #103
  • How to diagnose async apps with `tracing`
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Announcing the v0.8 release of Yew ~ Props edition!

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Announcing Rust 1.37.0

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Announcement of the `surf` HTTP client

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nuklear-rust vs imgui-rs

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  • nuklear-rust - Rust bindings for Nuklear
  • imgui-rs - Rust bindings for ImGui


property testing framework inspired by the Hypothesis framework for Python
Featured Package // Category Testing


Specs Parallel ECS
Featured Package // Category Entity-Component Systems (ECS)

nix v0.15.0

A new version of nix has been released
New Version


A fuzzy finder in pure rust
Featured Package // Category System tools

yew vs Rocket

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  • yew - Rust framework for making client web apps
  • Rocket - A web framework for Rust.

IntelliJ Rust Changelog #103

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futures-rs v0.3.0-alpha.18

A new version of futures-rs has been released
New Version


2 and 3-dimensional collision detection library in Rust
Featured Package // Category Computation

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PDF document manipulation
Featured Package // Category kaj/rust-pdf —

Gotham vs actix-web

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  • Gotham - A flexible web framework that does not sacrifice safety, security or speed.
  • actix-web - A lightweight async web framework for Rust with websocket support

Amethyst Activity Report - July 2019

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gfx v0.3.0

A new version of gfx has been released
New Version


A code coverage tool designed for Rust
Featured Package // Category Testing

xargo v0.3.15

A new version of xargo has been released
New Version