A localization system designed to improve how software is translated. Designed to be minimalist, modular and composable.

Programming language: Rust
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Text processing     Rust     Internationalization     I18n     L10n     Ftl    

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Fluent Build and test Coverage Status

fluent-rs is a collection of Rust crates implementing Project Fluent.


The crates perform the following functions:

fluent crates.io

Umbrella crate combining crates that are ready to be used in production.

fluent-syntax crates.io

Low level Fluent Syntax AST and parser API.

fluent-bundle crates.io

Implementation of the low-level Fluent Localization System providing localization capabilities for any Rust project.

fluent-fallback crates.io

Implementation of the high-level Fluent Localization System providing localization capabilities for any Rust project.

fluent-resmgr crates.io

Resource Manager for localization resources.


Collection of command line tools for Fluent.

Running the project

Each fluent-* directory works with the typical cargo commands. In addition there are some general cargo-make commands that can be run. First install cargo-make via cargo install --force cargo-make. The commands are documented in [Makefile.toml](Makefile.toml).


To run all of the tests for the repo run:

cargo make test

For local code coverage reports run:

# Install the tools first if you haven't done so. The llvm tools must be available
# on the path for this to work correctly.
cargo make install-tools

# Then coverage can be run like so:
cargo make coverage