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Data structures packages

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  • generic-array

    5.2 5.9 Rust
    a hack to allow for arrays sized by typenums
  • roaring-rs

    3.2 2.9 Rust
    Roaring Bitmaps in Rust
  • hjson-rust for serde

    3.0 1.4 Rust
    Hjson for Rust
  • array_tool

    2.1 0.0 Rust
    Array helpers for Rust. Some of the most common methods you would use on Arrays made available on Vectors. Polymorphic implementations for handling most of your use cases.
  • NumToA

    1.6 1.9 Rust
    Efficiently convert numbers to byte arrays and strings
  • Bus Writer

    1.5 0.4 Rust
    single-reader, parallel multi-writer
  • enum-map

    1.4 0.0 Rust
    An optimized map implementation for enums using an array to store values.
  • base_custom

    0.4 0.7 Rust
    Rust implementation of custom numeric base conversion.
  • contain-rs

    - -
    Extension of Rust's std::collections