Programming language: Rust
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
Latest version: v0.4.7

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tldr; Lightweight replacement for yeoman or slush. Powered by handlebars.

This is a scaffolding tool to save you hours of writing boilerplate code for your new project. Many langugages have tools that help you create a project skeleton in a matter of seconds (e.g. in Rust you can use cargo for that), but this tool isn't tied to any particular language or ecosystem. Just like Yeoman, you can use it for anything. Unlike Yeoman, it tries to be totally simple and does only one thing: replaces Handlebars expressions with values that you provide.

Template structure

Template is essentially a zip archive that must contain a file called parameters.json. That file contains a JSON array with all the expressions that will be replaced with user-provided values. The format is as follows:

  "name" : "example", //This is the name of expression
  "value": "", //Default value (currently always overwritten by user's input)
  "desc": "Provide example value" //Text that will be shown to user when asking for value

Example from simple_page template:

    "name" : "title",
    "value": "My sample title",
    "desc": "Input title"

All the other files in archive will be extracted and expressions inside them will be processed by Handlebars engine.


You can install it from crates.io by invoking cargo install quickskeleton.

Or you can check out the code and run cargo install.


quick-skeleton -c [path to template] You can use simple_page.zip in project's root to create, well, simple web page. quick-skeleton -c simple_page.zip

quick-skeleton -n [forder path] -file [default project folder name] - create template from folder. Creates template without variables.

There is a repo with various templates.