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  • v11.0.2

    August 01, 2019

    🚀 ripgrep 11.0.2 is a new patch release that fixes a few bugs, including a
    🐎 performance regression and a matching bug when using the -F/--fixed-strings

    In case you haven't heard of it before, ripgrep is a line-oriented search
    tool that recursively searches your current directory for a regex pattern. By
    0️⃣ default, ripgrep will respect your .gitignore and automatically skip hidden
    files/directories and binary files.

    🔋 Feature enhancements:

    • FEATURE #1293:
      ➕ Added --glob-case-insensitive flag that makes --glob behave as --iglob.

    🐛 Bug fixes:

    • BUG #1246:
      ➕ Add translations to README, starting with an unofficial Chinese translation.
    • BUG #1259:
      🛠 Fix bug where the last byte of a -f file was stripped if it wasn't a \n.
    • BUG #1261:
      Document that no error is reported when searching for \n with -P/--pcre2.
    • BUG #1284:
      Mention .ignore and .rgignore more prominently in the README.
    • BUG #1292:
      🛠 Fix bug where --with-filename was sometimes enabled incorrectly.
    • BUG #1268:
      🛠 Fix major performance regression in GitHub x86_64-linux binary release.
    • BUG #1302:
      👉 Show better error messages when a non-existent preprocessor command is given.
    • BUG #1334:
      🛠 Fix match regression with -F flag when patterns contain meta characters.
  • v11.0.1

    April 16, 2019

    🚀 ripgrep 11.0.1 is a new patch release that fixes a search regression introduced
    🚀 in the previous 11.0.0 release. In particular, ripgrep can enter an infinite
    loop for some search patterns when searching invalid UTF-8.

    🐛 Bug fixes:

    • BUG #1247:
      🛠 Fix search bug that can cause ripgrep to enter an infinite loop.
  • v11.0.0

    April 15, 2019

    🚀 ripgrep 11 is a new major version release of ripgrep that contains many bug 🛠 fixes, some performance improvements and a few feature enhancements. Notably, 👀 ripgrep's user experience for binary file filtering has been improved. See the [guide's new section on binary data]( for more details.

    🚀 This release also marks a change in ripgrep's versioning. Where as the previous 🔖 version was 0.10.0, this version is 11.0.0. Moving forward, ripgrep's major version will be increased a few times per year. ripgrep will continue to be conservative with respect to backwards compatibility, but may occasionally introduce breaking changes, which will always be documented in this CHANGELOG. 👀 See issue 1172 for a bit more detail on why this versioning change was made.

    👍 This release increases the minimum supported Rust version from 1.28.0 to 1.34.0.


    • ripgrep has tweaked its exit status codes to be more like GNU grep's. Namely, if a non-fatal error occurs during a search, then ripgrep will now always emit a 2 exit status code, regardless of whether a match is found or not. Previously, ripgrep would only emit a 2 exit status code for a catastrophic error (e.g., regex syntax error). One exception to this is if ripgrep is run with -q/--quiet. In that case, if an error occurs and a match is found, then ripgrep will exit with a 0 exit status code.
    • Supplying the -u/--unrestricted flag three times is now equivalent to supplying --no-ignore --hidden --binary. Previously, -uuu was equivalent to --no-ignore --hidden --text. The difference is that --binary disables binary file filtering without potentially dumping binary data into your terminal. That is, rg -uuu foo should now be equivalent to grep -r foo.
    • 🚚 The avx-accel feature of ripgrep has been removed since it is no longer necessary. All uses of AVX in ripgrep are now enabled automatically via runtime CPU feature detection. The simd-accel feature does remain available (only for enabling SIMD for transcoding), however, it does increase compilation times substantially at the moment.

    🐎 Performance improvements:

    🔋 Feature enhancements:

    • ➕ Added or improved file type filtering for Apache Thrift, ASP, Bazel, Brotli, BuildStream, bzip2, C, C++, Cython, gzip, Java, Make, Postscript, QML, Tex, XML, xz, zig and zstd.
    • FEATURE #855: Add --binary flag for disabling binary file filtering.
    • FEATURE #1078: Add --max-columns-preview flag for showing a preview of long lines.
    • FEATURE #1099: Add support for Brotli and Zstd to the -z/--search-zip flag.
    • FEATURE #1138: Add --no-ignore-dot flag for ignoring .ignore files.
    • FEATURE #1155: Add --auto-hybrid-regex flag for automatically falling back to PCRE2.
    • FEATURE #1159: ripgrep's exit status logic should now match GNU grep. See updated man page.
    • FEATURE #1164: Add --ignore-file-case-insensitive for case insensitive ignore globs.
    • FEATURE #1185: Add -I flag as a short option for the --no-filename flag.
    • FEATURE #1207: Add none value to -E/--encoding to forcefully disable all transcoding.
    • FEATURE da9d7204: Add --pcre2-version for querying showing PCRE2 version information.

    🐛 Bug fixes:

    • BUG #306, BUG #855: Improve the user experience for ripgrep's binary file filtering.
    • BUG #373, BUG #1098: ** is now accepted as valid syntax anywhere in a glob.
    • BUG #916: ripgrep no longer hangs when searching /proc with a zombie process present.
    • BUG #1052: Fix bug where ripgrep could panic when transcoding UTF-16 files.
    • BUG #1055: Suggest -U/--multiline when a pattern contains a \n.
    • BUG #1063: Always strip a BOM if it's present, even for UTF-8.
    • BUG #1064: Fix inner literal detection that could lead to incorrect matches.
    • BUG #1079: Fixes a bug where the order of globs could result in missing a match.
    • BUG #1089: Fix another bug where ripgrep could panic when transcoding UTF-16 files.
    • BUG #1091: Add note about inverted flags to the man page.
    • BUG #1093: Fix handling of literal slashes in gitignore patterns.
    • BUG #1095: Fix corner cases involving the --crlf flag.
    • BUG #1101: Fix AsciiDoc escaping for man page output.
    • BUG #1103: Clarify what --encoding auto does.
    • BUG #1106: --files-with-matches and --files-without-match work with one file.
    • BUG #1121: Fix bug that was triggering Windows antimalware when using the --files flag.
    • BUG #1125, BUG #1159: ripgrep shouldn't panic for rg -h | rg and should emit correct exit status.
    • BUG #1144: Fixes a bug where line numbers could be wrong on big-endian machines.
    • BUG #1154: Windows files with "hidden" attribute are now treated as hidden.
    • BUG #1173: Fix handling of ** patterns in gitignore files.
    • BUG #1174: Fix handling of repeated ** patterns in gitignore files.
    • BUG #1176: Fix bug where -F/-x weren't applied to patterns given via -f.
    • BUG #1189: Document cases where ripgrep may use a lot of memory.
    • BUG #1203: Fix a matching bug related to the suffix literal optimization.
    • BUG 8f14cb18: Increase the default stack size for PCRE2's JIT.
  • v0.10.0

    September 07, 2018

    🚀 This is a new minor version release of ripgrep that contains some major new 🔋 features, a huge number of bug fixes, and is the first release based on 🖨 libripgrep. The entirety of ripgrep's core search and printing code has been rewritten and generalized so that anyone can make use of it.

    👍 Major new features include PCRE2 support, multi-line search and a JSON output format.


    • The minimum version required to compile Rust has now changed to track the latest stable version of Rust. Patch releases will continue to compile with the same version of Rust as the previous patch release, but new minor versions will use the current stable version of the Rust compile as its minimum supported version.
    • The match semantics of -w/--word-regexp have changed slightly. They used to be \b(?:<your pattern>)\b, but now it's (?:^|\W)(?:<your pattern>)(?:$|\W). This matches the behavior of GNU grep and is believed to be closer to the intended semantics of the flag. See #389 for more details.

    🔋 Feature enhancements:

    • FEATURE #162: libripgrep is now a thing. The primary crate is grep.
    • FEATURE #176: Add -U/--multiline flag that permits matching over multiple lines.
    • FEATURE #188: Add -P/--pcre2 flag that gives support for look-around and backreferences.
    • FEATURE #244: Add --json flag that prints results in a JSON Lines format.
    • FEATURE #321: Add --one-file-system flag to skip directories on different file systems.
    • FEATURE #404: Add --sort and --sortr flag for more sorting. Deprecate --sort-files.
    • FEATURE #416: Add --crlf flag to permit $ to work with carriage returns on Windows.
    • FEATURE #917: The --trim flag strips prefix whitespace from all lines printed.
    • FEATURE #993: Add --null-data flag, which makes ripgrep use NUL as a line terminator.
    • FEATURE #997: The --passthru flag now works with the --replace flag.
    • FEATURE #1038-1: Add --line-buffered and --block-buffered for forcing a buffer strategy.
    • FEATURE #1038-2: Add --pre-glob for filtering files through the --pre flag.

    🐛 Bug fixes:

    • BUG #2: Searching with non-zero context can now use memory maps if appropriate.
    • BUG #200: ripgrep will now stop correctly when its output pipe is closed.
    • BUG #389: The -w/--word-regexp flag now works more intuitively.
    • BUG #643: Detection of readable stdin has improved on Windows.
    • BUG #441, BUG #690, BUG #980: Matching empty lines now works correctly in several corner cases.
    • BUG #764: Color escape sequences now coalesce, which reduces output size.
    • BUG #842: Add man page to binary Debian package.
    • BUG #922: ripgrep is now more robust with respect to memory maps failing.
    • BUG #937: Color escape sequences are no longer emitted for empty matches.
    • BUG #940: Context from the --passthru flag should not impact process exit status.
    • BUG #984: Fixes bug in ignore crate where first path was always treated as a symlink.
    • BUG #990: Read stderr asynchronously when running a process.
    • BUG #1013: Add compile time and runtime CPU features to --version output.
    • BUG #1028: Don't complete bare pattern after -f in zsh.
  • v0.9.0

    August 03, 2018

    🚀 This is a new minor version release of ripgrep that contains some minor new 🔋 features and a panoply of bug fixes.

    🚀 Releases provided on Github for x86_64 will now work on all target CPUs, and will also automatically take advantage of features found on modern CPUs (such as AVX2) for additional optimizations.

    👍 This release increases the minimum supported Rust version from 1.20.0 to 1.23.0.

    🚀 It is anticipated that the next release of ripgrep (0.10.0) will provide 👍 multi-line search support and a JSON output format.


    • When --count and --only-matching are provided simultaneously, the behavior of ripgrep is as if the --count-matches flag was given. That is, the total number of matches is reported, where there may be multiple matches per line. Previously, the behavior of ripgrep was to report the total number of matching lines. (Note that this behavior diverges from the behavior of GNU grep.)
    • 👍 Octal syntax is no longer supported. ripgrep previously accepted expressions like \1 as syntax for matching U+0001, but ripgrep will now report an error instead.
    • 🚚 The --line-number-width flag has been removed. Its functionality was not carefully considered with all ripgrep output formats. See #795 for more details.

    🔋 Feature enhancements:

    • ➕ Added or improved file type filtering for Android, Bazel, Fuchsia, Haskell, Java and Puppet.
    • FEATURE #411: Add a --stats flag, which emits aggregate statistics after search results.
    • FEATURE #646: Add a --no-ignore-messages flag, which suppresses parse errors from reading .ignore and .gitignore files.
    • FEATURE #702: Support \u{..} Unicode escape sequences.
    • FEATURE #812: Add -b/--byte-offset flag that shows the byte offset of each matching line.
    • FEATURE #814: Add --count-matches flag, which is like --count, but for each match.
    • FEATURE #880: Add a --no-column flag, which disables column numbers in the output.
    • FEATURE #898: Add support for lz4 when using the -z/--search-zip flag.
    • FEATURE #924: termcolor has moved to its own repository:
    • FEATURE #934: Add a new flag, --no-ignore-global, that permits disabling global gitignores.
    • FEATURE #967: Rename --maxdepth to --max-depth for consistency. Keep --maxdepth for backwards compatibility.
    • FEATURE #978: Add a --pre option to filter inputs with an arbitrary program.
    • FEATURE fca9709d: Improve zsh completion.

    🐛 Bug fixes:

    • BUG #135: Release portable binaries that conditionally use SSSE3, AVX2, etc., at runtime.
    • BUG #268: Print descriptive error message when trying to use look-around or backreferences.
    • BUG #395: Show comprehensible error messages for regexes like \s*{.
    • BUG #526: Support backslash escapes in globs.
    • BUG #795: Fix problems with --line-number-width by removing it.
    • BUG #832: Clarify usage instructions for -f/--file flag.
    • BUG #835: Fix small performance regression while crawling very large directory trees.
    • BUG #851: Fix -S/--smart-case detection once and for all.
    • BUG #852: Be robust with respect to ENOMEM errors returned by mmap.
    • BUG #853: Upgrade grep crate to regex-syntax 0.6.0.
    • BUG #893: Improve support for git submodules.
    • BUG #900: When no patterns are given, ripgrep should never match anything.
    • BUG #907: ripgrep will now stop traversing after the first file when --quiet --files is used.
    • BUG #918: Don't skip tar archives when -z/--search-zip is used.
    • BUG #934: Don't respect gitignore files when searching outside git repositories.
    • BUG #948: Use exit code 2 to indicate error, and use exit code 1 to indicate no matches.
    • BUG #951: Add stdin example to ripgrep usage documentation.
    • BUG #955: Use buffered writing when not printing to a tty, which fixes a performance regression.
    • BUG #957: Improve the error message shown for --path separator / in some Windows shells.
    • BUG #964: Add a --no-fixed-strings flag to disable -F/--fixed-strings.
    • BUG #988: Fix a bug in the ignore crate that prevented the use of explicit ignore files after disabling all other ignore rules.
    • BUG #995: Respect $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/git/config for detecting core.excludesFile.
  • v0.8.1

    February 20, 2018

    🚀 This is a patch release of ripgrep that primarily fixes regressions introduced 🏁 in 0.8.0 (#820 and #824) in directory traversal on Windows. These regressions 🏁 do not impact non-Windows users.

    🔋 Feature enhancements:

    • ➕ Added or improved file type filtering for csv and VHDL.
    • FEATURE #798: Add underline support to termcolor and ripgrep. See documentation on the --colors flag for details.

    🐛 Bug fixes:

    • BUG #684: Improve documentation for the --ignore-file flag.
    • BUG #789: Don't show (rev ) if the revision wasn't available during the build.
    • BUG #791: Add man page to ARM release.
    • BUG #797: Improve documentation for "intense" setting in termcolor.
    • BUG #800: Fix a bug in the ignore crate for custom ignore files. This had no impact on ripgrep.
    • BUG #807: Fix a bug where rg --hidden . behaved differently from rg --hidden ./.
    • BUG #815: Clarify a common failure mode in user guide.
    • BUG #820: Fixes a bug on Windows where symlinks were followed even if not requested.
    • BUG #824: Fix a performance regression in directory traversal on Windows.
  • v0.8.0

    February 11, 2018

    This is a new minor version releae of ripgrep that satisfies several popular 🔋 feature requests (config files, search compressed files, true colors), fixes many bugs and improves the quality of life for ripgrep maintainers. This 📚 release also includes greatly improved documentation in the form of a 🙋 [User Guide]( and a [FAQ](

    👍 This release increases the minimum supported Rust version from 1.17 to 1.20.


    Note that these are all very minor and unlikely to impact most users.

    • 🔧 In order to support configuration files, flag overrides needed to be rethought. In some cases, this changed ripgrep's behavior. For example, in ripgrep 0.7.1, rg foo -s -i will perform a case sensitive search since the -s/--case-sensitive flag was defined to always take precedence over the -i/--ignore-case flag, regardless of position. In ripgrep 0.8.0 however, the override rule for all flags has changed to "the most recent flag wins among competing flags." That is, rg foo -s -i now performs a case insensitive search.
    • The -M/--max-columns flag was tweaked so that specifying a value of 0 now makes ripgrep behave as if the flag was absent. This makes it possible to set a default value in a configuration file and then override it. The previous ripgrep behavior was to suppress all matching non-empty lines.
    • In all globs, [^...] is now equivalent to [!...] (indicating class negation). Previously, ^ had no special significance in a character class.
    • 📦 For downstream packagers, the directory hierarchy in ripgrep's archive releases has changed. The root directory now only contains the executable, README and license. There is now a new directory called doc which contains the man page (previously in the root), a user guide (new), a FAQ (new) and the CHANGELOG (previously not included in release). The complete directory remains the same.

    🔋 Feature enhancements:

    • ➕ Added or improved file type filtering for Apache Avro, C++, GN, Google Closure Templates, Jupyter notebooks, man pages, Protocol Buffers, Smarty and Web IDL.
    • FEATURE #196: Support a configuration file. See [the new user guide]( for details.
    • FEATURE #261: Add extended or "true" color support. Works in Windows 10! [See the FAQ for details.](
    • FEATURE #539: Search gzip, bzip2, lzma or xz files when given -z/--search-zip flag.
    • FEATURE #544: Add support for line number alignment via a new --line-number-width flag.
    • FEATURE #654: Support linuxbrew in ripgrep's Brew tap.
    • FEATURE #673: Bring back .rgignore files. (A higher precedent, application specific version of .ignore.)
    • FEATURE #676: Provide ARM binaries. WARNING: This will be provided on a best effort basis.
    • FEATURE #709: Suggest -F/--fixed-strings flag on a regex syntax error.
    • FEATURE #740: Add a --passthru flag that causes ripgrep to print every line it reads.
    • FEATURE #785: Overhaul documentation. Cleaned up README, added user guide and FAQ.
    • FEATURE 7f5c07: Add hidden flags for convenient overrides (e.g., --no-text).

    🐛 Bug fixes:

    • BUG #553: Permit flags to be repeated.
    • BUG #633: Fix a bug where ripgrep would panic on Windows while following symlinks.
    • BUG #649: Fix handling of !**/ in .gitignore.
    • BUG #663: BREAKING CHANGE: Support [^...] glob syntax (as identical to [!...]).
    • BUG #693: Don't display context separators when not printing matches.
    • BUG #705: Fix a bug that prevented ripgrep from searching OneDrive directories.
    • BUG #717: Improve --smart-case uppercase character detection.
    • BUG #725: Clarify that globs do not override explicitly given paths to search.
    • BUG #742: Write ANSI reset code as \x1B[0m instead of \x1B[m.
    • BUG #747: Remove yarn.lock from YAML file type.
    • BUG #760: ripgrep can now search /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/* files.
    • BUG #761: Fix handling of gitignore patterns that contain a /.
    • BUG #776: BREAKING CHANGE: --max-columns=0 now disables the limit.
    • BUG #779: Clarify documentation for --files-without-match.
    • BUG #780, BUG #781: Fix bug where ripgrep missed some matching lines.

    🚧 Maintenance fixes:

    • MAINT #772: Drop env_logger in favor of simpler logger to avoid many new dependencies.
    • MAINT #772: Add git revision hash to ripgrep's version string.
    • MAINT #772: (Seemingly) improve compile times.
    • MAINT #776: Automatically generate man page during build.
    • MAINT #786: Remove use of unsafe in globset. :tada:
    • MAINT e9d448: Add an issue template (has already drastically improved bug reports).
    • MAINT ae2d03: Remove the compile script.

    Friends of ripgrep:

    I'd like to extend my gratitude to @balajisivaraman for their recent hard work in a number of areas, and in particular, for implementing the "search compressed files" feature. Their work in sketching out a specification for that and other work has been exemplary.

    Thanks @balajisivaraman!

  • v0.7.1

    October 22, 2017

    🚀 This is a patch release of ripgrep that includes a fix to very bad regression introduced in ripgrep 0.7.0.

    🐛 Bug fixes:

    • BUG #648: Fix a bug where it was very easy to exceed standard file descriptor limits.
  • v0.7.0

    October 20, 2017

    🚀 This is a new minor version release of ripgrep that includes mostly bug fixes.

    ripgrep continues to require Rust 1.17, and there are no known breaking changes 🚀 introduced in this release.

    🔋 Feature enhancements:

    • ➕ Added or improved file type filtering for config & license files, Elm, Purescript, Standard ML, sh, systemd, Terraform
    • FEATURE #593: Using both -o/--only-matching and -r/--replace does the right thing.

    🐛 Bug fixes:

    • BUG #200: ripgrep will stop when its pipe is closed.
    • BUG #402: Fix context printing bug when the -m/--max-count flag is used.
    • BUG #521: Fix interaction between -r/--replace and terminal colors.
    • BUG #559: Ignore test that tried reading a non-UTF-8 file path on macOS.
    • BUG #599: Fix color escapes on empty matches.
    • BUG #600: Avoid expensive (on Windows) file handle check when using --files.
    • BUG #618: Clarify installation instructions for Ubuntu users.
    • BUG #633: Faster symlink loop checking on Windows.
  • v0.6.0

    August 23, 2017

    🚀 This is a new minor version release of ripgrep that includes many bug fixes and a few new features such as --iglob and -x/--line-regexp.

    🚀 Note that this release increases the minimum supported Rust version from 1.12 to 1.17.

    🔋 Feature enhancements:

    • ➕ Added or improved file type filtering for BitBake, C++, Cabal, cshtml, Julia, Make, msbuild, QMake, Yocto
    • FEATURE #163: Add an --iglob flag that is like -g/--glob, but matches globs case insensitively.
    • FEATURE #520: Add -x/--line-regexp flag, which requires a match to span an entire line.
    • FEATURE #551, FEATURE #554: ignore: add new matched_path_or_any_parents method.

    🐛 Bug fixes:

    • BUG #342: Fix invisible text in some PowerShell environments by changing the default color scheme on Windows.
    • BUG #413: Release binaries on Unix are now strip'd by default. This decreases binary size by an order of magnitude.
    • BUG #483: When --quiet is passed, --files should be quiet.
    • BUG #488: When --vimgrep is passed, --with-filename should be enabled automatically.
    • BUG #493: Fix another bug in the implementation of the -o/--only-matching flag.
    • BUG #499: Permit certain flags to override others.
    • BUG #523: wincolor: Re-fetch Windows console on all calls.
    • BUG #523: --version now shows enabled compile-time features.
    • BUG #532, BUG #536, BUG #538, BUG #540, BUG #560, BUG #565: Improve zsh completion.
    • BUG #578: Enable SIMD for encoding_rs when appropriate.
    • BUG #580: Fix -w/--word-regexp in the presence of capturing groups.
    • BUG #581: Document that ripgrep may terminate unexpectedly when searching via memory maps (which can happen using default settings).

    Friends of ripgrep:

    I'd like to give a big Thank You to @okdana for their recent hard work on ripgrep. This includes new features like --line-regexp, heroic effort on zsh auto-completion and thinking through some thorny argv issues with me.

    I'd also like to thank @ericbn for their work on improving ripgrep's argv 📜 parsing by allowing some flags to override others.

    Thanks @okdana and @ericbn!