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  • v0.19.0 Changes

    August 05, 2022
    • βž• Add support for building with io_uring on Linux (parazyd)
    • πŸ”„ Change iterators to return Result (mina86)
    • πŸ‘Œ Support RocksDB transaction (yiyuanliu)
    • Avoid pulling in dependencies via static feature flag (niklasf)
    • ⬆️ Bump rocksdb to 7.4.4 (niklasf)
    • ⬆️ Bump tikv-jemalloc-sys to 0.5 (niklasf)
    • πŸ‘‰ Update set_use_fsync comment (nazar-pc)
    • Introduce ReadOptions::set_iterate_range and PrefixRange (mina86)
    • ⬆️ Bump rocksdb to 7.4.3 (aleksuss)
    • Don’t hold onto ReadOptions.inner when iterating (mina86)
    • ⬆️ Bump zstd-sys from 1.6 to 2.0 (slightknack)
    • πŸ— Enable a building on the iOS platform (dignifiedquire)
    • βž• Add DBRawIteratorWithThreadMode::item method (mina86)
    • πŸ‘‰ Use NonNull in DBRawIteratorWithThreadMode (mina86)
    • πŸ”¨ Tiny refactoring including fix for UB (niklasf)
    • βž• Add batched version MultiGet API (yhchiang-sol)
    • ⬆️ Upgrade to rocksdb v7.3.1 (yhchiang-sol)
    • Consistently use ffi_util::to_cpath to convert Path to CString (mina86)
    • Convert properties to &CStr (mina86)
    • πŸ‘ Allow passing &CStr arguments (mina86)
    • πŸ›  Fix memory leak when reading properties and avoid memory allocation (mina86)
    • πŸ›  Fix Windows UTF-8 build flag (rajivshah3)
    • πŸ— Use more target features to build librocksdb-sys (niklasf)
    • Fix bz_internal_error symbol multiply defined (nanpuyue)
    • ⬆️ Bump rocksdb to 7.1.2 (dignifiedquire)
    • βž• Add BlobDB options (dignifiedquire)
    • βž• Add snapshot PinnableSlice based API (zheland)
  • v0.18.0 Changes

    February 03, 2022
    • Add open_cf_descriptor methods for Secondary and ReadOnly AccessType (steviez)
    • πŸ‘‰ Make Ribbon filters available (niklasf)
    • πŸ”„ Change versioning scheme of librocksdb-sys crate (aleksuss)
    • ⬆️ Upgrade to RocksDB 6.28.2 (akrylysov)
    • πŸ›  Fix theoretical UB while transmuting Arc (niklasf)
    • πŸ‘Œ Support configuring bottom-most compression level (mina86)
    • Add BlockBasedOptions::set_whole_key_filtering (niklasf)
    • βž• Add constants for all supported properties (steviez)
    • πŸ”€ Make CacheWrapper and EnvWrapper Send and Sync (aleksuss)
    • Replace mem::transmute with narrower conversions (niklasf)
    • ⚑️ Optimize non-overlapping copy in raw_data (niklasf)
    • Support multi_get_* methods (olegnn)
    • Optimize multi_get_cf_opt() to use size hint (niklasf)
    • Fix typo in set_background_purge_on_iterator_cleanup method (Congyuwang)
    • πŸ‘‰ Use external compression crates where possible (Dr-Emann)
    • ⚑️ Update compression dependencies (akrylysov)
    • βž• Add method for opening DB with ro access and cf descriptors (nikurt)
    • πŸ‘Œ Support restoring from a specified backup (GoldenLeaves)
    • βž• Add merge operands iterator (0xdeafbeef)
    • πŸ”§ Derive serde::{Serialize, Deserialize} for configuration enums (thibault-martinez)
    • βž• Add feature flag for runtime type information and metadata (jgraettinger)
    • Add set_info_log_level to control log verbosity (tkintscher)
    • Replace jemalloc-sys for tikv-jemalloc-sys (Rexagon)
    • πŸ‘Œ Support UTF-8 file paths on Windows (rajivshah3)
    • πŸ‘Œ Support building RocksDB with jemalloc (akrylysov)
    • βž• Add rocksdb WAL flush api (duarten)
    • ⚑️ Update rocksdb to v6.22.1 (duarten)
  • v0.17.0 Changes

    July 22, 2021
    • πŸ›  Fix multi_get method (mikhailOK)
    • ⬆️ Bump librocksdb-sys up to 6.19.3 (olegnn)
    • βž• Add support for the cuckoo table format (rbost)
    • RocksDB is not compiled with SSE4 instructions anymore unless the corresponding features are enabled in rustc (mbargull)
    • ⬆️ Bump librocksdb-sys up to 6.20.3 (olegnn, akrylysov)
    • Add DB::key_may_exist_cf_opt method (stanislav-tkach)
    • Add Options::set_zstd_max_train_bytes method (stanislav-tkach)
    • πŸ”€ Mark Cache and Env as Send and Sync (akrylysov)
    • πŸ‘ Allow cloning the Cache and Env (duarten)
    • πŸ‘‰ Make SSE inclusion conditional for target features (mbargull)
    • πŸ‘‰ Use Self where possible (adamnemecek)
    • Don't leak dropped column families (ryoqun)
  • v0.16.0 Changes

    April 18, 2021
    • Add DB::cancel_all_background_work method (stanislav-tkach)
    • ⬆️ Bump librocksdb-sys up to 6.13.3 (aleksuss)
    • Add multi_get, multi_get_opt, multi_get_cf and multi_get_cf_opt DB methods (stanislav-tkach)
    • πŸ‘ Allow setting options on a ColumnFamily (romanz)
    • πŸ›  Fix logic related to merge operator settings (BoOTheFurious)
    • Export persist_period_sec option and background_threads (developerfred)
    • βœ‚ Remove unneeded bindgen features (Kixunil)
    • βž• Add merge delete_callback omitted by mistake (zhangsoledad)
    • ⬆️ Bump librocksdb-sys up to 6.17.3 (ordian)
    • Remove the need for &mut self in create_cf and drop_cf (v2) (ryoqun)
    • Keep Cache and Env alive with Rc (acrrd)
    • Add DB::open_cf_with_ttl method (fdeantoni)
  • v0.15.0 Changes

    August 25, 2020
    • πŸ›  Fix building rocksdb library on windows host (aleksuss)
    • βž• Add github actions CI for windows build (aleksuss)
    • Update doc for Options::set_compression_type (wqfish)
    • βž• Add clippy linter in CI (aleksuss)
    • βͺ Use DBPath for backup_restore test (wqfish)
    • πŸ‘ Allow to build RocksDB with a different stdlib (calavera)
    • βž• Add some doc-comments and tiny refactoring (aleksuss)
    • Expose open_with_ttl. (calavera)
    • πŸ›  Fixed build for x86_64-linux-android that doesn't support PCLMUL (vimmerru)
    • Add support for SstFileWriter and DB::ingest_external_file (methyl)
    • Add set_max_log_file_size and set_recycle_log_file_num to the Options (stanislav-tkach)
    • Export the DEFAULT_COLUMN_FAMILY_NAME constant (stanislav-tkach)
    • πŸ›  Fix slice transformers with no in_domain callback (nelhage)
    • πŸ”€ Don't segfault on failed a merge operator (nelhage)
    • βž• Adding read/write/db/compaction options (linxGnu)
    • βž• Add dbpath and env options (linxGnu)
    • βž• Add compaction filter factory API (unrealhoang)
    • βž• Add link stdlib when linking prebuilt rocksdb (unrealhoang)
    • πŸ‘Œ Support fetching sst files metadata, delete files in range, get mem usage (linxGnu)
    • πŸ— Do not set (xu-cheng)
    • βœ… Use pretty_assertions in tests (stanislav-tkach)
    • ⚑️ librocksdb-sys: update rocksdb to 6.11.4 (ordian)
    • βž• Adding backup engine info (linxGnu)
    • πŸ‘― Implement Clone trait for Options (stanislav-tkach)
    • βž• Added Send implementation to WriteBatch (stanislav-tkach)
    • Extend github actions (stanislav-tkach)
    • πŸ”€ Avoid copy for merge operator result using delete_callback (xuchen-plus)
  • v0.14.0 Changes

    April 22, 2020
    • ⚑️ Updated lz4 to v1.9.2 (ordian)
    • πŸ”– BlockBasedOptions: expose format_version, [index_]block_restart_interval (ordian)
    • πŸ‘Œ Improve ffi_try macro to make trailing comma optional (wqfish)
    • βž• Add set_ratelimiter to the Options (PatrickNicholas)
    • Add set_max_total_wal_size to the Options (wqfish)
    • Simplify conversion on iterator item (zhangsoledad)
    • βž• Add flush_cf method to the DB (wqfish)
    • πŸ›  Fix potential segfault when calling next on the DBIterator that is at the end of the range (wqfish)
    • 🚚 Move to Rust 2018 (wqfish)
    • πŸ›  Fix doc for WriteBatch::delete (wqfish)
    • ⬆️ Bump uuid and bindgen dependencies (jonhoo)
    • πŸ”„ Change APIs that never return error to not return Result (wqfish)
    • πŸ›  Fix lifetime parameter for iterators (wqfish)
    • Add a doc for optimize_level_style_compaction method (NikVolf)
    • πŸ‘‰ Make DBPath use tempfile (jder)
    • πŸ”¨ Refactor and into smaller pieces (jder)
    • Check if we're on a big endian system and act upon it (knarz)
    • ⬆️ Bump internal snappy version up to 1.1.8 (aleksuss)
    • ⬆️ Bump rocksdb version up to 6.7.3 (aleksuss)
    • Atomic flush option (mappum)
    • Make set_iterate_upper_bound method safe (wqfish)
    • βž• Add support for data block hash index (dvdplm)
    • βž• Add some extra config options (casualjim)
    • βž• Add support for range delete APIs (wqfish)
    • πŸ‘Œ Improve building librocksdb-sys with system libraries (basvandijk)
    • Add support for open_for_read_only APIs (wqfish)
    • πŸ›  Fix doc for DBRawIterator::prev and next methods (wqfish)
    • Add support for open_as_secondary APIs (calavera)
  • v0.13.0 Changes

    November 12, 2019

    πŸ”„ Changes

    • πŸ‘Œ Added ReadOptions::set_verify_checksums and Options::set_level_compaction_dynamic_level_bytes methods (ordian)
    • Array of bytes has been changed for pinnable slice for get operations (nbdd0121)
    • πŸ”€ Implemented Sync for DBRawIterator (nbdd0121)
    • βœ‚ Removed extra copy in DBRawIterator (nbdd0121)
    • Added Options::max_dict_bytes and Options::zstd_max_training_bytes methods(methyl)
    • βž• Added Android support (rtsisyk)
    • βž• Added lifetimes for DBIterator return types (ngotchac)
    • ⬆️ Bumped rocksdb up to 6.2.4 (aleksuss)
    • Disabled trait derivation for librocksdb-sys (EyeOfPython)
    • ⚑️ Added DB::get_updates_since() to iterate write batches in a given sequence (nlfiedler)
    • βž• Added ReadOptions::set_tailing() to create a tailing iterator that continues to iterate over the database as new records are added (cjbradfield)
    • πŸ”„ Changed column families storing (aleksuss)
    • πŸ”¦ Exposed the status method on iterators (rnarubin)
  • v0.12.4

    October 08, 2019
  • v0.12.3 Changes

    July 19, 2019

    πŸ”„ Changes

    • Enabled sse4.2/pclmul for accelerated crc32c (yjh0502)
    • Added set_db_write_buffer_size to the Options API (rnarubin)
    • ⬆️ Bumped RocksDB to 6.1.2 (lispy)
    • βž• Added Sync and Send implementations to Snapshot (pavel-mukhanov)
    • Added raw_iterator_cf_opt to the DB API (rnarubin)
    • Added DB::latest_sequence_number method (vitvakatu)
  • v0.12.2 Changes

    May 03, 2019

    πŸ”„ Changes

    • Updated compact_range_cf to use generic arguments (romanz)
    • βœ‚ Removed allocations from SliceTransform implementation (ekmartin)
    • ⬆️ Bumped RocksDB to 5.18.3 (baptistejamin)
    • Implemented delete_range and delete_range_cf (baptistejamin)
    • βž• Added contribution guide (rhurkes)
    • Cleaned up documentation for ReadOptions.set_iterate_upper_bound method (xiaobogaga)
    • βž• Added flush and flush_opt operations (valeriansaliou)