cita v20.2.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-14 // over 4 years ago
  • Hi, folks.

    On the special day, we have a special Valentine's day. At present, we still have to face the challenge of virus, but we accept the challenge and will complete it.

    Today, with your support and our efforts, CITA released version 20.2.0. In this version, we adopt a new version naming rule, that is, the version command method of YY.MM. X , where YY represents year, MM represents month, and X represents bug fix version number.

    Finally, may the world be peaceful, the country peaceful and the people safe, and everyone happy and healthy!

    Why the new version rule?
    In order to meet more customized needs of customers, we started the commercial version plan of CITA. The commercial version of CITA will continue to use the original version naming rules, so the community version of CITA will use the version naming rules of Year.Month. X , which is similar to the version rules of Ubuntu.

    也是今天,在大家的支持与努力下,CITA 发布 20.2.0 版本。在这个版本中,我们采用了新的版本命名规则,即采用 YY.MM.X 的版本命令方法, YY 表示年, MM 表示月, X 表示修订号。

    最后,愿 天下太平,国泰民安 ,所有人幸福安康!

    为了满足客户更多的定制化需求,我们开始了 CITA 的商业版本计划,CITA 的商业版本将继续沿用原来的版本命名规则,所以 CITA 的社区版本将启用 年.月.X 的版本命名规则,这有点类似 Ubuntu 的版本规则。

    🔄 Changelog

    🆕 New features

    • 👌 Supports Native-Contract and Solidity-Contract calling each other.
    • 👌 Supports CITA docker images release.


    🚀 Hard code release version. [@leeyr338]

    👌 Supports CITA docker images release. [@leeyr338]


    👍 [Feature] Supports Native-Contract and Solidity-Contract calling each other. [@leeyr338]

    ⏪ [Fix] Bug fix for handling quota used error when Revert. [@leeyr338]

    [Fix] Add black list judge. [@jerry-yu]

    [Fix] Fix bug address in black list can't dismiss. [@jerry-yu]

    [Fix] Fix gas calculation error. [@leeyr338]


    • [Fix] Fix bound bug about filter. [@rink1969]


    • [Fix] Fix for dup tx hash in block. [@jerry-yu]


    • ⚡️ [Optimization] Update common: update cita-common, remove unused bin, update cita-run docker image. [@rink1969 ]


    [Refine] Refine the script according shell check. [@jerry-yu]

    [Fix] Fix some sub commands error. [@leeyr338]

    🐳 [Fix] Docker reap zombie processes. [@rink1969]

    🛠 [Fix] Don't use fixed container name. [@rink1969]

    [Fix] Set cita_build container as bridge model. [@rink1969]

    [Fix] Fix volume path when cita_run. [@rink1969]



    • [Fix] Create-genesis : Solc command stderr output. [@bsdelf ]


    • ✏️ [Docs] Fix some operation typos. [@ouwenkg]

    Artifact checksum

    File Checksum (sha256sum)
    cita_secp256k1_sha3.tar.gz 0ca9a0574c463f22f5c52205ff8613f840f0fc3087d63ad1c3e35161f7c9099f
    cita_sm2_sm3.tar.gz cb5247a3348615e70226486c659ce63d614510d2a009625caae93ba4f1d71850
    cita_ed25519_blake2b.tar.gz 780320638606c4e9a298d43d55c8991e2cb1ad1201fcd01aa42b6ed507387c3e

Previous changes from v1.0.1

    • 🚀 [Optimization] Support docker image release.
    • [Fix] Fix Executor's panic when vm memery offset greater then size.
    • [Fix] Fix duplicate transaction hash in block.
    File Checksum (MD5)
    cita_secp256k1_sha3.tar.gz aba3a9b3ae322572d391e4e32a91942e
    cita_sm2_sm3.tar.gz c2e4ae47fe6ac7a864c9b97847140ad2
    cita_ed25519_blake2b.tar.gz 168402bb9c4b064025584727b4ddf507