Programming language: Rust
License: MIT License
Tags: Cargo     Dependencies     Crates     Cargo-subcommand     CLI    
Latest version: v0.11.2

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cargo edit

This tool extends Cargo to allow you to add, remove, and upgrade dependencies by modifying your Cargo.toml file from the command line.

Currently available subcommands:

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Thanks for your interest - we gratefully welcome contributions.

Questions can be asked in issues, or on Gitter.

To help us help you get pull requests merged quickly and smoothly, open an issue before submitted large changes. Please keep the contents of pull requests and commits short. Commit messages should include the intent of the commit.

cargo-edit has a moderately comprehensive test suite. Contributions that add/improve tests are awesome. Please add tests for every change.

cargo-edit uses rustfmt for formatting and clippy for linting.

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Ensure that you have a fairly recent version of rust/cargo installed. On Ubuntu you would also need to install libssl-dev and pkg-config packages.

$ cargo install cargo-edit

If you wish to use a bundled version of openssl:

$ cargo install cargo-edit --features vendored-openssl

Compiler support: requires rustc 1.44+

(Please check cargo's documentation to learn how cargo install works and how to set up your system so it finds binaries installed by cargo.)

Install a sub-set of the commands with cargo install -f --no-default-features --features "<COMMANDS>", where <COMMANDS> is a space-separated list of commands; i.e. add rm upgrade for the full set.

Available Subcommands

cargo add

cargo add is now integrated into cargo as of v1.62. If you want access in older versions of cargo, you'll need to install cargo-edit v0.9 or earlier.

Known differences from cargo-edit v0.9.1

  • cargo add <path> is unsupported, instead use cargo add --path <path>
  • cargo add <crate> +<feature> is unsupported, instead use cargo add <crate> -F <feature>
    • If adding multiple crates, qualify the feature like cargo add serde -F serde/derive serde_json
    • See rust-lang/cargo#10809

cargo rm

Remove dependencies from your Cargo.toml.


$ # Remove a dependency
$ cargo rm regex
$ # Remove a development dependency
$ cargo rm regex --dev
$ # Remove a build dependency
$ cargo rm regex --build


$ cargo-rm rm --help
cargo-rm [..]
Remove a dependency from a Cargo.toml manifest file

    cargo rm [OPTIONS] <DEP_ID>...

    <DEP_ID>...    Dependencies to be removed

        --manifest-path <PATH>    Path to the manifest to remove a dependency from
    -p, --package <PKGID>         Package to remove from
    -Z <FLAG>                     Unstable (nightly-only) flags
        --dry-run                 Don't actually write the manifest
    -q, --quiet                   Do not print any output in case of success
    -h, --help                    Print help information
    -V, --version                 Print version information

    -D, --dev                Remove as development dependency
    -B, --build              Remove as build dependency
        --target <TARGET>    Remove as dependency from the given target platform

cargo upgrade

Upgrade dependencies in your Cargo.toml to their latest versions.

To specify a version to upgrade to, provide the dependencies in the <crate name>@<version> format, e.g. cargo upgrade [email protected]~0.9.0 [email protected]>=0.9,<2.0.

This command differs from cargo update, which updates the dependency versions recorded in the local lock file (Cargo.lock).


# Upgrade all dependencies for the current crate
$ cargo upgrade
# Upgrade docopt (to ~0.9) and serde (to >=0.9,<2.0)
$ cargo upgrade [email protected]~0.9 [email protected]>=0.9,<2.0
# Upgrade regex (to the latest version) across all crates in the workspace
$ cargo upgrade regex --workspace
# Upgrade all dependencies except docopt and serde
$ cargo upgrade --exclude docopt serde


$ cargo-upgrade upgrade --help
cargo-upgrade [..]
Upgrade dependency version requirements in Cargo.toml manifest files

    cargo upgrade [OPTIONS]

        --dry-run                 Print changes to be made without making them
        --manifest-path <PATH>    Path to the manifest to upgrade
        --offline                 Run without accessing the network
        --locked                  Require `Cargo.toml` to be up to date
    -v, --verbose                 Use verbose output
    -Z <FLAG>                     Unstable (nightly-only) flags
    -h, --help                    Print help information
    -V, --version                 Print version information

        --compatible [<allow|ignore>...]
            Upgrade to latest compatible version [default: allow]

    -i, --incompatible [<allow|ignore>...]
            Upgrade to latest incompatible version [default: ignore]

        --pinned [<allow|ignore>...]
            Upgrade pinned to latest incompatible version [default: ignore]

    -p, --package <PKGID[@<VERSION>]>    Crate to be upgraded
        --exclude <PKGID>                Crates to exclude and not upgrade
        --recursive [<true|false>...]    Recursively update locked dependencies [default: true]

cargo set-version

Set the version in your Cargo.toml.


# Set the version to the version 1.0.0
$ cargo set-version 1.0.0
# Bump the version to the next major
$ cargo set-version --bump major
# Bump version to the next minor
$ cargo set-version --bump minor
# Bump version to the next patch
$ cargo set-version --bump patch


$ cargo-set-version set-version --help
cargo-set-version [..]
Change a package's version in the local manifest file (i.e. Cargo.toml)

    cargo set-version [OPTIONS] [TARGET]

    <TARGET>    Version to change manifests to

        --all                     [deprecated in favor of `--workspace`]
        --bump <BUMP>             Increment manifest version
        --dry-run                 Print changes to be made without making them
        --exclude <EXCLUDE>       Crates to exclude and not modify
    -h, --help                    Print help information
    -m, --metadata <METADATA>     Specify the version metadata field (e.g. a wrapped libraries
        --manifest-path <PATH>    Path to the manifest to upgrade
    -p, --package <PKGID>         Package id of the crate to change the version of
    -V, --version                 Print version information
        --workspace               Modify all packages in the workspace
    -Z <FLAG>                     Unstable (nightly-only) flags

For more on metadata, see the semver crate's documentation.



*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the cargo-edit README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.