Programming language: Rust
License: MIT License
Tags: Subcommand     Cargo     Dependencies     Cargo-subcommand     Deps    
Latest version: v0.11.1

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A cargo subcommand for displaying when Rust dependencies are out of date


cargo-outdated is for displaying when dependencies have newer versions available.

How it works

The functionality of cargo-outdated largely depends on the cargo builtin command cargo update.

To retrieve the list of available SemVer compatible dependencies, cargo-outdated firstly creates a temporary workspace, then executes cargo update against it, finally compares the temporary dependency tree with the original one.

Similarly, to check the latest dependencies, cargo-outdated replaces the SemVer requirements of direct dependencies with wildcards then goes through the same process.


Once installed (see below) running cargo outdated in a project directory looks like the following:

$ cargo outdated
Name             Project  Compat  Latest   Kind         Platform
----             -------  ------  ------   ----         --------
clap             2.20.0   2.20.5  2.26.0   Normal       ---
clap->bitflags   0.7.0    ---     0.9.1    Normal       ---
clap->libc       0.2.18   0.2.29  Removed  Normal       ---
clap->term_size  0.2.1    0.2.3   0.3.0    Normal       ---
clap->vec_map    0.6.0    ---     0.8.0    Normal       ---
num_cpus         1.6.0    ---     1.6.2    Development  ---
num_cpus->libc   0.2.18   0.2.29  0.2.29   Normal       ---
pkg-config       0.3.8    0.3.9   0.3.9    Build        ---
term             0.4.5    ---     0.4.6    Normal       ---
term_size->libc  0.2.18   0.2.29  0.2.29   Normal       cfg(not(target_os = "windows"))


The latest version of cargo-outdated can be installed or updated with cargo install:

cargo install --locked cargo-outdated


cargo install --locked --git https://github.com/kbknapp/cargo-outdated


Follow these instructions to compile cargo-outdated, then skip down to Installation.

  1. Ensure you have current version of cargo and Rust installed
  2. Clone the project $ git clone https://github.com/kbknapp/cargo-outdated && cd cargo-outdated
  3. Build the project $ cargo build --release
  4. Once complete, the binary will be located at target/release/cargo-outdated

Installation and Usage

All you need to do is place cargo-outdated somewhere in your $PATH. Then run cargo outdated anywhere in your project directory. For full details see below.

Linux / OS X

You have two options, place cargo-outdated into a directory that is already located in your $PATH variable (To see which directories those are, open a terminal and type echo "${PATH//:/\n}", the quotation marks are important), or you can add a custom directory to your $PATH

Option 1 If you have write permission to a directory listed in your $PATH or you have root permission (or via sudo), simply copy the cargo-outdated to that directory # sudo cp cargo-outdated /usr/local/bin

Option 2 If you do not have root, sudo, or write permission to any directory already in $PATH you can create a directory inside your home directory, and add that. Many people use $HOME/.bin to keep it hidden (and not clutter your home directory), or $HOME/bin if you want it to be always visible. Here is an example to make the directory, add it to $PATH, and copy cargo-outdated there.

Simply change bin to whatever you'd like to name the directory, and .bashrc to whatever your shell startup file is (usually .bashrc, .bash_profile, or .zshrc)

mkdir ~/bin
echo "export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin" >> ~/.bashrc
cp cargo-outdated ~/bin
source ~/.bashrc


This library depends on OpenSSL. On MacOS a newer version of OpenSSL than is installed by default is needed. This can be installed with Homebrew via brew install openssl or openssl can be vendored in with --features vendored-openssl. Learn more about building OpenSSL here,


On Windows 7/8 you can add directory to the PATH variable by opening a command line as an administrator and running

setx path "%path%;C:\path\to\cargo-outdated\binary"

Otherwise, ensure you have the cargo-outdated binary in the directory which you operating in the command line from, because Windows automatically adds your current directory to PATH (i.e. if you open a command line to C:\my_project\ to use cargo-outdated ensure cargo-outdated.exe is inside that directory as well).


There are a few options for using cargo-outdated which should be somewhat self explanatory.

Displays information about project dependency versions

    cargo outdated [options]

    -a, --aggressive            Ignores channels for latest updates
    -h, --help                  Prints help information
        --format FORMAT         Output formatting [default: list]
                                [values: list, json]
    -i, --ignore DEPENDENCIES   Comma separated list of dependencies to not print in the output
    -x, --exclude DEPENDENCIES  Comma separated list of dependencies to exclude from building
    -q, --quiet                 Suppresses warnings
    -R, --root-deps-only        Only check root dependencies (Equivalent to --depth=1)
    -V, --version               Prints version information
    -v, --verbose ...           Use verbose output
    -w, --workspace             Checks updates for all workspace members rather than
                                only the root package
        --color COLOR           Coloring: auto, always, never [default: auto]
                                [values: auto, always, never]
    -d, --depth NUM             How deep in the dependency chain to search
                                (Defaults to all dependencies when omitted)
        --exit-code NUM         The exit code to return on new versions found [default: 0]
        --features FEATURES     Space-separated list of features
    -m, --manifest-path FILE    Path to the Cargo.toml file to use
                                (Defaults to Cargo.toml in project root)
    -p, --packages PKGS         Packages to inspect for updates
    -r, --root ROOT             Package to treat as the root package


cargo-outdated is released under the terms of either the MIT or Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE-MIT or LICENSE-APACHE file for the details.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the cargo-outdated README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.